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Fleeing Suspect Causes School Traffic Issues

CISD Police Chief Rex Evans wrote the following message in response to a large number or messages he received requesting information about an incident in Cleveland yesterday.


At approximately 2:15 p.m. we (CISD Police) were responding to the area of Southside Elementary School to watch for and keep a suspect running from another police agency from getting close to or into our school or other nearby CISD Facilities.

Sgt. Allen, arriving at the intersection of College and Ft. Worth, was able to position herself and her patrol car in such a manner as to block the fleeing suspect from crossing the intersection and onto the grounds of our Elementary School.

Officer Justin Edwards and myself arrived immediately following this activity and along with other units from the City Police. An area adjacent to Southside Elementary School was secured and a search of the area yielded a wanted person who was subsequently arrested and transported to the City Jail.

While this event was unfolding, I immediately ordered the lock down of our Southside Elementary School, CISD Technology Department and CISD Administration building for a period of time until such as the suspect was located and detained thereby rendering the scene safe for our District to resume normal operations.

While this incident, originally, had nothing to do with our children, or our schools, it does reflect the importance of our Departments quick response time to any campus in our District and how, when we all work together, we are safe and successful!

To the parents who were in the driveways of Southside Elementary School, I appreciate you remaining in your vehicles and your understanding under this, a very tense time period.


Cleveland ISD Police Department's photo.