110PM-FM 2978 at Spring Creek remains closed. Water from Spring Creek is over the road. A box truck tried to make the drive across but did not realize part of the road is washed out. The creek started to take him downstream. It required a response from Magnolia Fire Department. One I call idiot decided to put an inflatable raft into the water , all he had was a stick and a beer. He vanished behind the trees, hope he made it to where he was going. Another nice looking Dodge diesel pickup complete with wheels and all thought he would make it. He made it on the back of a wrecker after he dropped nose first into where the road is damaged. He ended up with water flowing through his windows.

TXDOT has FM 2978 blocked on both sides. The north side at Carraway and South at Kuykendahl Huffsmith. It is illegal to move a barricade.

Dobbin Huffsmith at FM 2978 is currently neck deep on a six foot man who tried to cross it on foot.

Please people do not enter the flood waters.



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