Just after 8:15am Tuesday morning a rig hauling a large cooling tower from Houston to Pecos, Texas 650 miles away, hit the power lines on FM 3083 just north of FM 2090. The escort truck in front of him clipped the wires with the height indicator attached to the escort truck indicating the load was to tall. Even seeing this the driver of the rig felt he could make it.

When he struck the wires he pulled enough wire to cause the lines to bow a large tree onto a home almost three hundred feet from the road before that line snapped. It tore the meter can and weather head from a church and damaged the roof in doing so.

The same lines then broke a pole in two dropping lines across the highway and dumping a transformer to the ground causing an oil spill which required a hazmat team.

At another home the cable line was snapped in two.

Entergy responded to the scene to start repairs and clear the road which was closed for over an hour.

Caney Creek Fire Department stood by and assisted MCSO with traffic control until the road was cleared.

DPS responded to the scene and after checking permits issued by TXDOT found everything in order. In most cases a bucket truck runs ahead of a high load but in this case it wasn’t stipulated.

The load will be running around Loop 336 to FM 3083 to SH 105 to FM 1774  to Magnolia and across to Hempstead.



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  1. Alan

    Is this national dumbass truck driver day? One out of gas and the other knocking down power lines with their load that is obviously too tall.

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