Forklift causes excitement at local business

Just after noon on Thursday, Conroe firefighters were dispatched to 84 Lumber at 930 Interstate 45 S. after a gas leak was reported by employees.

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Joe Miller, Conroe Fire Department Battalion Chief, A shift, said they arrived to find a strong odor of natural gas outside of the building.

“Employees informed us that a large gas line had been broke inside the building with a forklift,” Miller said.

Their first order of business was to shut off the gas. Once that was done, Miller said the concentration of gas inside the building was so strong, it would have been unsafe to go inside with the electricity still turned on. Entergy responded to their request to shut off the power and firefighters were able to go inside and assess the situation. The building, for the most part, ventilated itself, Miller said.

“The odor disappeared pretty rapidly and we let the owners have the building back,” he said.

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