Ricardo Aguilar

A theft investigation has led to the arrest of a former Liberty County Sheriff’s deputy who also worked as a deputy for the Liberty County Constable Precinct #6. The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint advising that Ricardo Aguilar was working for an independent contractor doing repairs to a home that had flood damage. The investigation showed that Aguilar received $4000 from the homeowner to pay for supplies and repairs. An invoice was signed by both the homeowner and Aguilar.

Upon completion of the repair work the independent contractor met with the homeowner to discuss the expenditures and collect the final check for the repairs. The homeowner advised the independent contractor that he had already paid the $4000. The signed invoice was shown to the contractor. The LCSO deputy received signed statements from both the independent contractor and the homeowner. A probable cause statement was presented for Theft – a State Jail Felony and a felony warrant was issued by Justice of the Peace Larry Wilborn (Precinct #4).

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Texas Rangers and requested that they serve the warrant due to the fact that Aguilar had previously left the State of Texas several times and also because he had been a commissioned peace officer. On July 11, 2018 Ricardo Aguilar, Jr. was booked in to the Liberty County Jail without incident. There is an ongoing investigation by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office in reference to other financial issues Aguilar may have had.

(Aguilar’s commission with the constable’s office was terminated on 02/10/2017. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)

Please note that it is the policy of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office that the Texas Rangers will be called to investigate a complaint anytime there is a complaint on an elected official and/or commissioned peace officer. LCSO will also do an internal affairs investigation on LCSO commissioned officers that receive a complaint.

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