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  1. LocalDrifter

    Wow…what a bitter, cynical person you are! You must be miserable!

    So I’m guessing a date with you to discuss marriage is out of the question? (Sigh) You did a fine job at ratcheting up the bitterness index up a notch on me, kiddo.

  2. LocalDrifter

    Yo, skyman… Time to stop casting your net amongst the carp and fish the stream where rainbow trout swim. People ARE wonderful but only if you have a palate that favors roast beef over a crap sandwich.

  3. LocalDrifter

    they are quite handsome for their breed

    That’s not saying much if you intended THAT to be a compliment. Similar to saying that’s quite fragrant for a turd.Doesn’t make me want to pet it. Doesn’t make me want to sniff it.

  4. Tracye

    @ Local, …..these “beasts” HAVE gotten home! They are Bull Mastiffs…..BEAUTIFUL dogs!!…they escaped yesterday afternoon around 1PM…and we “found” them around 5PM… very appreciative owners!! GOOD NEWS!!

  5. scratchnmyhead

    Great response, Jamie!

    In fact, both dogs do have a human who had been frantically looking for them.

    They are, in fact, quite handsome for their breed, and obviously incredibly smart since they went to Petco for help.

    Remember the old advice upon getting lost….. go to the last place you were all together!

  6. skyman

    This “beast” is better than most humans iv’e ever met. I wish misery on those people who abandon their loyal animals in pkg lots and hope the same happens to them. Arent people wonderful?

  7. LocalDrifter

    Automatically assuming this was “found” preconceives that it was in fact “lost”.

    I suggest a beast this homely was actually “abandoned” and you won’t be seeing posters on poles looking for it to be returned.

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