This is a 100% FREE License to Carry certification class offered by a Texas licensed instructor. He’s local. We, at MCPR, know him. This is not a scam and there are no strings attached. It’s just a good guy who works a full-time job and is a reserve law enforcement officer (that means he’s trained and takes the risk as a volunteer without benefits or pay) and he’s also a true patriot and good neighbor who wants to help as many people as possible exercise their Second Amendment rights. Details are as follows:

FREE – L TC Class

Sunday, March 24, [email protected] lOam- VFW [email protected] 18 County Road 396, Cleveland, TX

Saturday, March 30, [email protected] lOam – Liberty [email protected] 200 FM 2025, Cleveland, TX

Sunday, March 31, [email protected] lOam- VFW [email protected] 18 County Road 396, Cleveland, TX

Instructor: Officer Bubba Tullos

To register just show up or comment on this post so we have an idea of how many to
expect. You can also visit our Facebook page to make sure nothing has changed. It is
under Bubba N Seandee Tullos. Feel free to send us a friend request.
This is a license to carry class that last approximately 5 hours. All guns must stay in the
automobile until we get to the range. Make sure before you come to class that you are
familiar with your WEAPON that you are using, any caliber- semi-auto or revolver.
Cost = $25 cash or credit donation per person appreciated, $15 gun range fee will also
be collected.

1. A gun with 50 rounds of ammo *****NO STEEL CASINGS!!!*****
2. Ear and eye protection (a hat would be nice to bring also)
3. NO Low-cut shirts
4. A writing pen for the test & a friend but not necessary @
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bubba @ 281-961-8078
or [email protected] 832-367-1700. See ya there I I

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