RODRIGUEZOn Saturday, January 25, 2014 Allie Rodriguez, age 20, , Mikey Kowis, Robert Guerro and Jessica Binnion along with several other friends went to the Big Texas Dance Hall on Holzwarth Road in Spring to see a concert. When the concert ended they started to leave.

As the girls stood next to the pickup, the young men were chatting a short distance away. That is when Tito Juarez and his friend Shawn Bingham got into a Ford F-150 pickup and approached the girls. As they talked to them, Jessica notified Kowis that the two guys in the Ford were acting “Creepy”.

Kowis and Guerro approached the vehicle and asked the driver who had his window open if there was a problem. Without a response they walked to the passenger side and asked Bingham the same thing. Bingham responded by pulling a knife.  Juarez then sped off in reverse.

According to the passenger Bingham and the door man of the club, Juarez gunned the truck speeding forward and rammed into the group of four. Juarez then sped off.

When Cypress Creek EMS arrived Allie Rodriguez lie dead in the parking lot with massive head injuries, Binnion lay unconscious with an injury to her head and two black eyes. Rodriguez’s longtime boyfriend Kowis was thrown from the front fender landing feet from his brother. He suffered a broken hand and multiple injuries. Guerro suffered abrasions from the truck striking him.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office interviewed the door man at the club. He stated he saw a Hispanic male get into the drivers seat of the black Ford F-150. When showed several photos he was able to identify both driver and passenger.

Allie’s sister, Erica Vasquez was at her home in Grangerland. She had seen the story about the incident but didn’t think anything of it. A short time later Harris County Sheriff’s Department Investigators came to her front door giving her the sad news about her sister. They then traveled to South Houston to tell Allie’s mother.

Later in the day Harris County Investigators arrested Tito Juarez and after charging him with murder, transported him to the Harris County Jail where he remains on a $50,000 bond.

On Thursday Harris County District Judge Jim Wallace assigned former Harris County District Judge and now attorney James Barr as Juarez defense attorney.

Saturday family and friends gathered at the Living Word World Outreach Church and Loop 336 in Conroe. A memorial service was held for Rodriguez. She then joined her father who died five years ago and was entombed at Conroe Memorial Park with McNutt Funeral Directors officiating.

At Conroe Memorial Park friends and family signed Rodriguez’s white casket with colored markers. Many wrote good-bye’s, poems, and last words. Live butterflies and balloons were then released along with a single white dove.

Allie’s sister Erica was able to retrieve many photos from Allie’s computer  and put them together as a memorial. She also found several pages in a spiral notebook with a “Bucket List” created by Allie. Looking at her bucket list she was a very giving person, not wanting just for herself but wanting to help others.


Travel the world

Be in a movie

Make a movie


Go skiing

Learn how to dance


Go sailing

Attend a music festival in a different country

Bury a time capsule

Learn to play a song on a guitar

Carve my name in a tree

Vacation with no luggage

Host a cocktail party

Trail ride

Swim with dolphins

Sleep outside watching the stars

Brew my own beer

Give a homeless person my lunch

Write Juliet a letter

Make a life sized snowman

Help a soup kitchen

Send flowers for no reason at all

Read all of Shakespeare’s plays

Write a message to my favorite author

Send a message in a bottle

Test  drive a car I can’t afford


Scuba dive the great barrier reef

Ride a helicopter

Spend a week at a world class spa

Walk the red carpet

Write a book, Fly in a hot air balloon

Celebrate New Year’s in Times Square

Attend a fashion show

Create a non-profit foundation

Join the Habitat for Humanity

Shop in Rodeo Drive

Try yoga

Pack my bags and jump on a random plane

Live in a different country for six months

Fly first class

Go on a cruise

Visit a castle in England

Drive Route 66

Horseback along the beach

Keep a diary for a whole year

Ride in a limo

Give book

Leave behind a lot of money

Ride a giant roller coaster

Research my family tree

Smile at 100 strangers


Be on the cover of a magazine

Wine taste in Sonoma County, California

Have my own library

Drive a convertible with the top down and music blaring

Give to charity

Learn to bartend

Bungee jump

Drive across the country coast to coast

Drive a Porsche

Crowd surf

Go deep sea fishing

Visit a concentration camp

Fast Facebook for a week

Turn my cellphone off for a day

Parasail from a white sandy beaches over the warm ,beautiful blue waters of Mexico

Bull ride

Dancing in the pouring rain

Drive a convertible down Route 66 with friends by my side

Wake board

Read all 7 Harry Potter books

Cliff dive

Get involved in a protest rally

Be a match maker

See a Broadway show

Go club hoping and dance, dance, dance


Get in the car and just drive

Drink it down and live it up

Go to a drive in movie theatre

Water gun fight

Go ding dong ditching

Make the most out of tonight, worry about it tomorrow

Make a homemade slip and slide

Go camping with friends

Go horseback riding

Play an epic game of beer pong

Go on an ice cream date

Party as much as possible

Lay in a tube at a river, with an ice cold beer

Push an unsuspecting person into the pool

Lay on top of the roof at night and watch the stars

Photo bomb strangers pictures

Get really fun tan

Egg someone’s car that you dislike

Attend a pool party

Go fishing

Have a carwash

Release balloons into the air

Kiss underwater

Go skinny dipping

Walk around all day in a bikini

Live with your best friend

Watch a scary movie with a crush

Go swimming at night.


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  1. spk

    Very upset over this. Superb video–superb coverage. Felt better after viewing this article because I realize this family knows about more than just this earthly physical dimension of life. Wish I knew the name of artist and song “you are beautiful and sacred–meant for so much more than this world” because it’s perfect in explaining this. The sun goes down every day and is reborn the next morning, the plants ‘die’ in winter and are born again in the spring. God gave us nature as an example to us of how things work. May this beautiful woman rest in peace.

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