To the amazing officers of the Montgomery County Police:
It was my younger brother, Bill Webb, whom you saved when he fell as a result of a massive heart attack while riding his bike on Friday, April 9. I am writing to express my profound and sincere gratitude for the quick and knowledgeable intervention you all did. I flew to Houston from the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island (4 planes, 10 hours) to be with him and our family. Words cannot convey our thanks to you all.
I have shared the experience with many, especially the confluence of intervention protocols performed on my brother. I committed to taking a CPR course myself so that in the event that I witnessed someone in similar crisis, I could at least have some knowledge of what to do. I am telling everyone to do the same!
Thank you, muchas gracias, Thank you.
With deep sincerety,
Dell Webb Gossett,
Seattle, Washington



Resized952016040895170956About 9:30am MCHD received a call for a major accident in front of Lone Star Cowboy Church in the city of Montgomery. It was reported as an auto bicycle. As it was being dispatched Montgomery County Precincrt 2 Deputy Constable Tim Shackleford was just coming up on the scene after serving civil papers down the road. He immediately realized this was not a major accident. He saw a man, identified as Mr. Webb, on the ground next to the bike and non-responsive. Shackleford who is a former paramedic immediately started CPR. At the same time Sgt. Todd Barrow of the Montgomery ISD Police was westbound on SH 105 and came up on the scene. He immediately began assisting Shackleford. Montgomery Police Chief Napalatano was turning down the street heading toward his office when he saw the lights and went to investigate. He assisted the two and then kept traffic away so EMS and fire crews responding could have quick access. Webb was not responding to the CPR so Barrow went to his patrol car and retrieved an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) which is kept in the patrol cars. After shocking Webb  he was able to get a weak pulse. MCHD arrived on the scene and transported the male to Conroe Regional Hospital with continued CPR. The 64-year-old Webb was immediately taken to surgery and is now in intensive care and expected to survive. The male had no identification on his person. However, good detective work produced a drivers license number engraved on his bicycle pedal. With that number police were able to contact Mr. Webb’s wife and transport her to Conroe Regional Trauma Center to be with her husband. Officers learned Webb was from Montgomery and had ridden to Dobbin. He was returning when the incident happened.







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