Jason Walters is with Taylor Walters and 2 others.

April 20 at 9:25am ·

Last night at 2217 I got the call that every parent never wants to get.

“Jason. I think something happened to Taylor. I was talking to her on her Bluetooth and I heard her scream ‘why are you going the wrong way’. Then I heard tires squealing and a loud crash and the line went dead. Now I can’t get her back on the phone.”

I jumped out of bed. Confirmed her location on our family locator app, threw some clothes on and ran out the door. I jumped in the truck, turned on the lights and sirens and was gone. I covered the 13 miles to her location in approximately 8 minutes. While en route I got a call from Taylor uncontrollably sobbing.

“Daddy, I was in a bad wreck. There was a truck going the wrong way and I tried to miss him and somebody hit me and I think this guy is dead.”

I pushed my truck even harder fearing now that the crash is far worse than I originally thought. I passed a DPS Trooper and fire truck both running hot and made it to the accident scene.

When I arrived I saw Taylor standing by her car and my heart immediately felt lighter and the weight on my chest lifted. I threw the truck in park and jumped out and ran to her and squeezed her as tight as I could. She was going to be ok.

Apparently a white pickup was traveling east bound in the west bound left lane of Hwy 190. When Taylor approached the vehicle she slammed on her brakes to avoid the almost imminent head-on collision and the vehicle behind her slammed into the rear of her car. Her car came to a rest on the left paved shoulder and the vehicle that struck her from the rear came to rest on the right paved shoulder. The vehicle travelling the wrong way cut over into the gassy median at the last possible second and drove away unscathed and never to be seen again.

As the accident scene came to a rest a good samaritan stopped to help. Taylor was standing outside of her vehicle in the grassy median and the good samaritan stepped out of his vehicle on to the pavement and called out to her that “everything is going to be ok” that he was calling 911. As he stepped in to the lane of traffic still talking to her he was struck by an oncoming vehicle and unfortunately was deceased on impact.

My heart goes out to this selfless man and his family. He attempted to be there for my family when I couldn’t. He was there in my place trying to console my daughter when I couldn’t. This man died trying to help my daughter and there is a heavy weight on me because of it. I will be forever grateful for his sacrifice.

As for the wrong way driver. All we know is that it was a white truck. Taylor believes it was a newer 4 door Ford pickup. Possibly an F250 or F350. I have received texts already saying that they were almost hit as well. If you have any information please contact the Polk County Sheriff’s Office or the Polk County Troopers Office.

As for the driver of the white pickup truck. He’s a piece of shit who I can only imagine was probably intoxicated at the time (I know it’s pure conjecture and speculation but statistics say I’m right) and his poor decision left a good samaritan laying dead on the cold pavement on the side of a dark highway. This is a small town and I know you will run your mouth to someone and I hope you are caught.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office:

DPS Office:

Edit: At the time of the original posting I did not include the deceased good Samaritans name out of respect for his family who may not have been notified yet. I have have since learned that there has been a GoFundMe page set up to help cover the cost of his final expenses. Mr. Angel S’aez your sacrifice was the ultimate one all in an effort to help another unknown human being. If this world had more people like you we would all be a whole lot better off.



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