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Conr oe , Tx J une 14, 2011
Current Conditions:
Montgomery County is currently experiencing “Exceptional Drought” conditions, with Fire Danger
rated as “ Very High” .
Link to Fire Danger information
Montgomery County and Surrounding Areas
Southeast Texas is experiencing historic drought conditions.   Several wildfires have occurred in
Montgomery County with most damage limited to vegetation and outbuildings.  In the past 2 weeks
these fires have been larger and are progressively harder to control.  Although Montgomery County
has not seen such catastrophic wildfires as the rest of Texas, current conditions should be cause for
concern for all Montgomery County residents.   
Firefighters from Montgomery County have responded to several major wildfires, with the most recent
fires located in East Montgomery County and the City of Conroe.   The Texas Forest Service has staged
additional resources such as bulldozer teams and aircraft in Southeast Texas to meet the growing
threat, and these resources have been instrumental in bringing the recent fires under control. 
Firefighters from throughout the area, as well as State and Federal Forest Service units assisted in
bringing these fires under control.  Although some neighborhoods have been  threatened by these fires,
no homes have been lost.    
The majority of these fires have been caused by accidental causes, such as downed powerlines,
juveniles, or lightning strikes.  Residents have for the most part complied with the burn ban, and the
County has seen a drop in the number of fires started by outdoor burning, with a few notable
exceptions.  Outdoor burning is normally responsible for the vast majority of wildfires, therefore the
burn ban will remain in effect until conditions improve.   Since Saturday, Montgomery County
Firefighters have responded to 26 reports of illegal burning, while at the same time they were needed
at 29 grass and woods fires.  Deputy Fire Marshals from Montgomery County and the City of Conroe will
continue to respond to reports of illegal burning, and residents who continue to bu rn illegally should
expect to receive a citation.  In addition, you are responsible for any damage your fire might cause.  
Montgomery County Deputy Fire Marshals have issued 18 citations for violations of the  current burn
ban.  Citations have also been i ssued by Officers with other agencies throughout the County as well.  As
we have seen in recent days, no area of our County  is immune to the current wildfire threat.
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Residents should look around their property now and take action to prevent wildfires a nd protect their
property in the event there is a wildfire in your area.
1 . Move anything that will burn well away from structures,  ( firewood, brush piles, etc )
2 . Clear straw and leaf litter from your roof and away from the sides of your home
3 . Cut back or preferably remove any dry or dead landscaping plants or bushes
4 . Mow your yard low at least 30 to 50 feet away and water to create defensible space
5 . Place garden hoses in strategic locations so that they are readily accessible
Current Burn Ban Status:
At this time Montgomery County is under a burn ban, therefore, no outdoor burning should be
attempted.   Residents are urged to postpone burning until conditions improve and the ban is
lifted.    Violation of the burn ban can result in a citation for a Class C Misdemeanor with a
maximum fine of $500.
Montgomery County has seen some damage to structures from recent wildfires, mostly outbuildings so far.
Citations are pending in several recent cases.  Most recent citations have been issued for violation of the
Burn Ban, with some cited for reckless damage to property as well.  Both violations are also Class C
Misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $500.
For more information on Forest Service resources please contact the Texas Forest Service.
For more information please go to our website and click on “Outdoor Burning”.
Jimmy Williams
Fire Marshal
Montgomery Count