Funeral arrangement are being made this morning for Devin Davis who wandered from home last Tuesday and was found Saturday a short distance from his home in a pond. Neal Funeral Home in Cleveland has graciously stepped up and is covering the entire funeral and burial at no expense to the family.

Neal Funeral Home is located at 200 S. Washington in Cleveland.

As soon as we have details they will be posted.

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  1. jbgates555

    We had my daughter and my brother-in-law’s funerals at Neal’s they are all wonderful people with big hearts! @Numberfive just know they are in the business of helping people at a time of crisis. They do an awesome job. I have recommended them to everyone! Praying for this family as a loss of a child is a pain that will never go away. Numberfive I pray that you never have to feel this pain.

  2. britcorley

    Prayers to the family.. The story was very close to me as I have a 2 year old and I couldn’t imagine what I would do if something like this happened to my family. Its good to see that their are still people with a heart and that arent all about the money! In my opinion there would be no wrong reason to cover the funeral expenses for an innocent child to be laid to rest!

  3. texas_transplant

    numberfive – what would be the wrong reasons to cover the funeral cost? This story was heartbreaking for probably everyone that followed it and I’m sure to Neal Funeral Home. It had an affect on me because I have a toddler the same age. If I had the financial means, I would do the same thing, no questions asked.

  4. becca

    The Neal Funeral Home is doing a wonderful thing by donating Devin’s funeral and burial. We just retired to Cleveland and we are pleased to hear this good news. Thank you, Neal Funeral Home.

  5. critter1957

    God bless this funeral home. The family is in my thoughts and prayers and it is so uplifting to hear of someone stepping up to do this for them.

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