Galveston Sex Offender Arrested by Liberty Sheriff’s Office

A Galveston defendant is an Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child case, Billy Wayne Atwood, age 37, was convicted in visiting Judge David Gamer’s 122nd. Judicial District Court on Thursday, November 5th which sentenced Atwood to life in prison and a fine of $10,000. Over objection of the state prosecutor, Atwood was allowed to remain on bond until the next morning when the formal sentencing would take place, however Billy Atwood did not appear in court.

After receiving information that Atwood had contacted a friend in the East Gate area of west Liberty County in an effort to obtain some means of escape from Galveston authorities, the Galveston District Attorney’s office contacted the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. In a classic example of cooperation between two law enforcement agencies on Saturday morning, November 7th, Sgt. Brett Audilet and several of the Sheriff’s Deputies went to the East Gate area and conducted a surveillance on the resident.

Shortly thereafter, Billy Atwood was seen in the front yard and when Deputies closed in, Atwood attempted to flee. Assisted by the friend, who had alerted the Galveston authorities earlier regarding Atwood’s location, Atwood was subdued and later placed in the Liberty County jail. He was transferred to the Galveston County jail on Tuesday, November 10th.

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  1. bigtex00

    Hey Judge lets wait until tomorrow until we “actually” sentence him to life in prison for child molestation… Do you think he will run??? Nah he will be fine….DOH! *What the hell are people thinking??? I just dont get it! SMH

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