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Posted: 26.2.2010 15:05

Go directly to jail, Do not pass go

EAST MONTGOMERY COUNTY – What police sometimes call a “frequent flyer” found himself handcuffed in the patrol car last Saturday night, along with two of his buddies.

Arville Keith Bergman III, 28, is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by felon, possession of a controlled substance, evading arrest or detention, as well as three outstanding warrants.

Pct. 4 Deputy Constable Josh Bergland watched a 1981 pickup with no license plate light turn into Valero on FM 1485 at Old Houston. Deputy Bergland then pulled onto the shoulder and waited for the vehicle to return to the roadway. He saw the driver walk over to another vehicle where someone was pumping gas and thought the behavior appeared suspicious.

Deputy Bergland pulled into the driveway of the Valero and the suspect tried to flee on foot, but Deputy Bergland quickly caught him.

Bergman gave an East Texas address, but the jail roster lists his address as 16672 Lake Circle in Conroe. The deputy said Bergman had a knife strapped to his leg and was in possession of marijuana. Deputy Bergland also reportedly found a pistol in the suspect’s vehicle.

Additionaly, Bergman was in possession of a large collection of rare coins and paper money from all over the world, which he claimed he purchased earlier that night but could provide no proof of sale.

A background search of Bergman revealed he had a lengthy criminal history which included 21 stays in the Tommy Gage Bed and Breakfast, also known as the Montgomery County Jail.

The second vehicle contained three suspects, including Michael Ray Hamilton of Crowley Road in Conroe, who had an outstanding warrant for burglary; Russell Wayne Carnes, who had outstanding warrants from Waller County. Hamilton and Carnes were also arrested. Their female companion had no warrants and nothing illegal was found on her person, so she was not arrested.

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