Just after 5:30p.m. Constable Gene DeForest was on routine patrol in the River Plantation Subdivision when he was notified of a crash on the covered bridge at the entrance to River Plantation. When he arrived he found a golf cart was crossing over the bridge and had crashed through the guardrail which was not much more than a porch railing. The golf cart with Jamie Teran, 36 and his son dropped thirty feet landing upside down on the rocks in the creek below. trapping them. The son was able to crawl out with minor injuries. Jamie was not so lucky. He suffered a severely injured leg.

Central Montgomery County Fire-Rescue (Formerly River Plantation Fire Department) responded along with the MCHD.  After the two were stabilized they were carefully moved up the bank on backboards. Teran’s son was transported to the hospital by MCHD , Jamie Teran was flow by PHI Air Medical to Hermann Hospital in Houston in critical condition.

Milstead wrecker spent some time having to winch the golf cart back to the surface.

According to Constable DeForest, the pair were driving across the bridge when one of the tires slipped off the track used for the carts. Teran over corrected hitting the rail and crashing through it.

This is the second crash in several months. Earlier a boy on a golf cart was crossing on the opposite side when he too crashed through the rail. He, however was uninjured.