Good news! Dosey Doe is EXPANDING!

Don’t listen to malicious rumors… 

While anyone in Montgomery County who’s been paying attention at all knows the state of local politics has reached an all-time low, folks may be blissfully unaware some of the same sleazy tactics are being used by local businesses. One case may be a rumor that the popular music venue and eatery, Dosey Doe, has gone out of business.

While it’s true to say that one of three Dosey Doe locations closed a while back (NOT due to a lack of business), the fact of the matter is, Dosey Doe owner Steve Said just opened a new Montgomery County location yesterday, March 18, 2017! Dosey Doe Breakfast and BBQ (aka DDBBQ) is located at 2626 Research Forest Drive (beside Sonic) in The Woodlands. The new location serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week, and offers a menu with something for everyone.

Breakfast fare offers everything from the most basic breakfast combinations, to custom omelets, Belgian waffles, beignets, to three varieties of eggs benedict. Arguably, the most interesting eggs benedict offering is “Hillbilly Benedict”, which consists of a chicken fried steak, egg, and biscuit covered in gravy.

After noon, there are so many choices, it’s probably a good idea to wear loose clothing! Appetizers include Southern standbys such as Fried Green Tomatoes, but also unique dishes, such as DD’s Loaded Brisket Fries, described as, “Hand cut fries topped with smoked beef brisket, bacon, espresso stout gravy, white cheddar, charred poblano peppers, and onions”. Other starters (or finishers, depending upon one’s appetite) include items such as gumbo, Dosey Doe Texas Red Lone Star Chili (with cornbread croutons, white cheddar and pickled red onion), and Strawberry & Pickled Peach Salad (for those watching their waistline).

For the consummate carnivore, DDBQ offers 16 Hour Smoked Meats including, Beef Brisket, Espresso BBQ Pork Ribs, a variety of sausages, and smoked chicken. Main dishes include chicken fried steak served with roasted garlic smashed potatoes, fresh green beans and creamy pepper gravy (available sizes are “Ginormous” and “Not-so-Ginormous!) Sweet Tea Fried Chicken, and Chargrilled Ribeye.

These lists barely scratched the surface of what’s available to eat, not to mention a huge variety of hot or iced coffees and other beverages. The music for which Dosey Doe is known will also be present thanks to a huge vinyl collection.

The other two Dosey Doe locations are Dosey Doe’s “The Big Barn” at 25911 I-45 N, The Woodlands and Dosey Doe “Coffee Shop” at 8021 Research Fores Drive, The Woodlands. For more information about any of the above, visit

Editorial note: This is not a paid endorsement or advertisement, and this business has never purchased advertisement with our publication. We’ve never sought their advertising dollars, nor do we plan to do so. Dosey Doe is a locally owned and operated business, just like MCPR. At a time when national chains and international internet businesses are taking away the individual personality of towns, cities, states and regions as they all begin to look and sound alike with no local flavor, Dosey Doe is something that remains local and wonderfully unique to Montgomery County. That being said, it is a shame that someone feels the need to win at any costs. If spreading lies, making false accusations and twisting the truth are the only way a person can win in the business, personal, or political arena, they don’t deserve victory. Montgomery County, birthplace of the Texas flag, has seen amazing growth over the past decade, becoming bigger and better as each year passes. Unfortunately, success breeds jealousy and people without a moral compass will say or do whatever they can to knock down those who succeed. Anyone who hears something that sounds shocking or scandalous should check it out for themselves, and look hard at the source of that information because there may be a hidden agenda. Much of what’s being spread right now, far and wide in this county, is just as false as the information about Dosey Doe. This was written to take something negative and turn it into something positive. I heard an untrue rumor, and because of that, I’m sharing the truth (which is good news to coffee, food, and music lovers!) with as many people as possible. Please join me in sharing something positive and supporting a local business!  

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