At approximately 8:30 a.m. Sunday, Gary Cherry of Splendora was heading up FM 1010 from Plum Grove. When he approached the intersection of the Loop and FM 1010 he turned right and started up the entrance ramp. Just over halfway up he encountered two vehicles on the side of the road and a Hispanic male on top of a Hispanic female in the middle of the moving lane of traffic. As he got closer he realized the man was actually holding the woman face down to the ground and was stabbing her multiple times.

Cherry, a CHL carrier retrieved his weapon, exited his vehicle and ordered the Hispanic male to the ground. As Cherry was on the phone with 911 he again ordered the male to the ground which he eventually did.

Moments later Crystal Ward of Cleveland was traveling the same route as Green and approached the scene in the middle of the road. She exited her vehicle and inquired of Green if he needed assistance.

That’s when Ward saw the woman on the ground covered in blood and went to her. As she talked with her the female was also on the phone with her family. Ward then heard a baby cry from inside one of the vehicles. As she approached the vehicle she found a baby boy in a car seat crying.

She took the child to the mother as she kept telling the mother the child would be ok  as the mother seemed more concerned about the baby than her own injuries.

Meanwhile the suspect, acting calm as he laid on the ground encouraged Ward to check his with, “she is hurt bad”, he told her. He also wanted to make sure the baby was ok.

DPS and Liberty County arrived moments later and took the yet unidentified male into custody. Cleveland EMs responded to the scene and transported the woman to Cleveland Regional where she was then flown to Hermann Hospital in Houston in critical condition with multiple stab wounds.

She was taken to surgery at Hermann and remains in the hospital in stable condition.

Ward credits Cherry with saving the woman’s life.

According to Cleveland Police Department, they responded to  a home in Cleveland approximately 3 a.m. Sunday morning when the same female called and reported her husband had choked her. When police arrived at the scene the attacker had already left and police continued through the night to locate the suspect.

It is still unknown how the suspect was able to stop the victim on the roadway and drag her from the vehicle.

Liberty County has still not responded to multiple requests for the names of the victim and her attacker.  However, Ward said the woman told her that he was her husband.


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