Beginning in August of 2017, the Public Integrity Division received complaints regarding the alleged misuse of county resources by Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley. Each of these complaints was evaluated for potential criminal law violations, and a thorough investigation into the alleged misconduct was initiated. In April, 2018, that investigation was completed after a presentation to a Montgomery County Grand Jury, resulting in no criminal charges.

In November 2018, the Public Integrity Division again received complaints regarding this alleged misuse of county resources by Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley as well as other employees working for the Pct. 2 Commissioner’s Office. Pct. 5 Constable Office conducted an investigation and provided information to the Public Integrity Division for review. Again, based on this information, the Public Integrity Division conducted numerous witness interviews and gathered additional records and evidence to determine if any criminal conduct had occurred. The information provided by Pct. 5, along with additional information gathered by the Public Integrity Division investigators, was presented to a Montgomery County Grand Jury, but no indictments were returned in this investigation and no additional action was taken.

While grand jury proceedings and deliberations are confidential, generally speaking, a grand jury may decide to take no action in an investigation because: 1) the evidence does not rise to the level of probable cause, 2) certain defenses to criminal conduct are applicable, or 3) the statute of limitations prevents moving forward on the criminal conduct.

Regardless of the outcome of this investigation, the District Attorney’s office is committed to sharing publicly available information with county leadership in an effort to improve accountability and strengthen public confidence in government.


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