Just after 1 pm today officials gathered for the ribbon cutting of the Grand Parkway. Shortly after crews started moving eastbound removing barricades in the westbound lanes. That onlt took and hour. They then turned around and did the same on the eastbound lanes. At 4pm as crews pulled up to I-45 to remove the last of the barricades cars were lined up to go eastbound. Within minutes they were on their way to US 59. The drive from I-45 to FM 1314 took only 7 minutes. As of now the only ramps directly from I-45 to the Grand Parkway are coming from the north. After much discussion they determined most drivers would be coming from the north before getting to Houston to take the Parkway around. With Sh 249 also being Toll you can now take the Grand Parkway to Sh 249 , then down to Beltway 8 and around to I-10 faster than taking US 59 around.  Tolls on the new section will be free until April 4. It will then cost $3.01 to travel between US 59 and I-45.

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