grangerland cattle found

Montgomery County Precinct 4 Livestock Deputies are attempting to locate the owners of several head of cattle. A large brown bull, several brown cows and a black one have been keeping them running for the past 2 days. Calls started to come in Wednesday morning when they were on FM 2090 just east of Crockett Martin Road. When deputies arrived the cattle retreated into the large pine plantation.

Later Wednesday they took refuge in a homeowners yard and garden.

Wednesday evening calls started coming in again that the cattle were back on FM 2090 at Tommy Smith but once again retreated into the over 3000 acre pin plantation.

Thursday morning deputies attempted to track them but due to the heavy over night rains were unable to do so.

If y0u are the owner or know who the owner is please contact Precinct 4 Constables Office.

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  1. LocalDrifter

    Anyone care to decipher just what the hell LittleFoot is saying? Must be the last hold out from the tribe of Indian Code Talkers. Someone’s gotten too far into the bottle of fire water and can’t back out.

  2. LittleFoot

    They dont care.. You cant protect your own property fron raccoons and wild animals without being arrested
    tell me how many men you think they arrested for protecting there property? But a female they carry to jail and arrest I was just shooting at ground to scare sick raccoon during day! They seem to have lost contact with public citizens. No Concern or ethics..

  3. lastcountry

    Call Holyfield,,he can’t catch a cat or a dog, or a emu…perhaps he can catch a cow..ya’ll want me to come over there and round them up,,there’s people in this area that will help to get them off the roads,before somebody is killed !!

  4. LittleFoot

    There is an old blue house on Firetower rd close to 2090 his cows have gotten out in past older man lives there he has a partial wooded gate/fence in front

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