Such sweeping power is certainly cause for concern, especially when it appears to have no bearing on the safety or interests of those the council members have been elected to serve.
With the negative overtone that comes from banning shipping container homes, I am further constrained to respond to Conroe City Council’s action, because Green Zone Housing is on the precipice of providing one of the most proactive, effective and life-saving solutions for our distressed and homeless veterans. I can propose many theories as to the real reasons for this shipping-container-home-ban, but I will give the Conroe City Council the benefit of the doubt and address this as a mistake made out of ignorance. The city council has no cause for concern because shipping container homes can be attractive, high quality, economical, comfortable and eco-friendly dwellings which communities should be proud to welcome into their midst.
Green Zone Housing is currently in the final stages of completing our first full size (40 ft.), fully functional home that will be donated in a few weeks to Camp Hope to use for the veterans in their PTSD recovery program. The City of Montgomery has not only welcomed, but hosted a build site for this home in the heart of downtown Montgomery, where the residents have been able to visit and even volunteer their time and skills on behalf of our veterans. The process of building this home has been a great opportunity to rally the residents of Montgomery in support of our veterans and raise awareness of their needs.
It is the goal of Green Zone Housing to obtain 10-15 acres in Montgomery (birthplace of the Texas flag) where we can set up our flagship Green Zone Community, where veterans coming out of such programs as Camp Hope can continue their growth and progress in an environment which meets their needs, allowing them to live among other veterans for as long as they need, before reintegrating into society.
The process of building the container homes is effective therapy for our veterans as they are mentored in such skills as welding, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work while they participate in the construction. Through sweat equity, each veteran becomes the owner of the home he or she has built, which brings a sense of accomplishment, pride of ownership and self-esteem. Green Zone Home-owning veterans are then able to “pay it forward” as they assist new veterans to the community in building their homes, providing the best peer-to-peer mentoring possible as they work together, rebuilding their lives, inside and out.
Green Zone Housing has a 20 ft. exhibit home which has been displayed in many locations, particularly at businesses fundraising for and supporting our cause, including Jim’s Hardware in Montgomery, Keating Honda/Nissan in Conroe and Mac Haik in Houston. When people step inside our exhibit, which features the kitchen and living room half of a home, they always express surprise at how beautiful and comfortable a shipping container home can be and we often hear them say, “I could live in this!”
At Green Zone Housing, we believe that shipping container homes can be a beautiful, functional, welcomed blessing for many, especially those who have sacrificed so much to preserve our freedom. We hope that City Councils don’t abuse the freedom our veterans have fought for by enacting such totalitarian restrictions as we have seen in Conroe last week. We further request that Conroe City Council rescind their decision and allow freedom to ring and shipping container homes to be built.

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  1. 4pawfan

    I wonder if the issue isn’t a tax issue. You see, those of us with metal or wooden buildings are taxed for these buildings. If you have a 50×100 metal building, you are charged property tax for the land and the building. If you have a home, you are taxed for the land and the home.

    But, if you are Walmart and need warehouse space, you can buy, rent, or lease shipping containers (100’s are behind almost every Walmart) and they are not taxed as they are an expense. So if you have a 52 foot long shipping container, which is 8 foot wide equals 416 sq feet of space. If you have 100 of them, that is 41,600 of warehouse space that the property tax folks don’t charge for as a building. (they are not affixed to the ground) Very unfair to those that pay property tax for warehouse/storage space. ( I guess you could look on the property tax website to see how much tax a 41,600 warehouse would cost you each year to own. )

    So, maybe the city doesn’t want them because they know they will never be able to tax them ??? Even the 40 foot example is 320 sq feet, and if it was a frame built home it would have some tax valve. And people have built two and three story homes out of these. Again, if it is a stick built wooden home, it has a tax value, and it is a shipping container not so much as it not affixed to the ground.

    You would think there would be some way to work around this problem. These vets need our help.

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