Traffic was heavy in most subdivisions tonight as Trick or Treat fans took to the street. Conroe was especially heavy as parents drove along following children going door to door. At the same time Precinct 4 Constables Deputies and Montgomery County Deputies kept up on compliance checks on the almost 2000 sex offenders in Montgomery County.

Some homes had a pumpkin or two and others went to the maximum with a grave yard, bats in trees and even the residents having a good time as children came up some terrified at some of the costumes on the streets.

Danny’;s Trix & Kix located just west of Interstate 45 on FM 2920 started out in 1976 in Old Town Spring. Today his store was extremely crowded with people fighting for parking spaces for the last minute purchases. Even being just hours from Halloween night the shelves were full but the lines were long. Some people spending hundreds on costumes for parents and children alike.

Danny’s which is open year round has everything from tricks and pranks to plus size adult costumes. Halloween is the busiest by far.

Police activity was light through the night with some reports of pumpkin smashing but nothing much more serious.

Many stores had signs on the front doors stating masks were not allowed in the store.

It seemed many parents were comfortable with their children going door to door knowing how strict law enforcement has been on the sexual predators and many forgetting the scare from back in 1974 when when Ronald Clark O’Bryan, dubbed the “Candy Man” and also known as “The Man Who Killed Halloween”  laced his 8-year-old sons Pixi-Stix with cyanide causing his death.

O’Bryan was executed in 1984 after he was convicted of killing his son Timothy for a $40,000 insurance policy. To take suspicion off himself he also handed out other candy to children which authorities were able to retrieve before they were ingested. One little 11 year old boy was found that night in bed with his Pixy Stix. He was fast asleep but unable to open the plastic tube that O’Bryan re-secured with a heavy duty staple.

He had volunteered to take several children door to door including his daughter and son. He later told police a person in a darkened house handed out five stix for the kids.

From that point on parents were scared to let their children go door to door any longer. Many had school group events or events sponsored by churches and such.

For years after that at times things like razor blades and sharp objects were found in candy. Parents were urged to check their children’s candy and many parents warned their children not to open the candy until they inspected it. For many years hospitals even stepped up to the plate offering free x-ray services  for children’s candy.

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  1. SSargent

    I really like this post! Though, we did head to my childhood neighborhood in Atascocita for trick or treating, I noticed that there really were a lot more parents driving along side the children.
    I personally am even too paranoid for that. I walk all the way up to the door – Im paranoid someone will grab them and lock the door before I can get to them!
    But – I really love the history you included. We were always told as kids (Im 27 today!) that there was something that happened with needles and poison – but I never knew the ACTUAL story!
    Thanks for sharing!

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