Halloween Safety

Sheriff Tommy Gage and all the deputies at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office’s would like to share some safety tips for kids, teens and adults to make sure Halloween is a fun-filled, but a safe night.

Halloween Safety for Kids & Teens

Here are some tips just for kids, to help keep them safe on Halloween night!

Some of these are “common sense” ideas, which mean that they are things that everyone should know and use every day in life. No one is ever too young to learn!

Never!!!…go into a stranger’s house or even ring their door for treats unless parents are there and say that it’s okay. There are some people in life that aren’t very nice to kids and you have to be careful. Always make sure that parents are within sight when trick-or-treating.

Be careful crossing the street. Make sure to look in both directions and make sure that there are no cars coming. If a little brother or sister is there, take their hand and help them walk across the street.

Carry a glow stick or flashlight to make sure people can see you.

Have parents check all treats before they are eaten.

If you drive and are taking a bunch of friends to a party, make sure that the car has enough gas to get there.

If parents give a curfew, be home when they say. It builds trust and they are doing it for your own safety.

Vandalism can never be permitted! Throwing eggs at cars and houses is against the law. Underage kids can also be arrested and punished as a juvenile or if over 17, jail! Don’t think that it’s fun; it’s never the right thing to do!

Hurting animals is never acceptable behavior! Some people use Halloween as an excuse to hurt cats and that is just wrong! Hurting or torturing animals is against the law and you can be arrested.

Parents and Adults

Help your child choose a safe costume. A safe costume should be fireproof or fire retardant. It should also be brightly colored or treated with reflective tape, and should not be a tripping hazard. Masks should allow for clear vision.

Go online at and check your neighborhood for sex offenders. Avoid those homes.

Make sure a responsible adult is with your young children when they go trick-or-treating.

If children will be going trick-or-treating alone, set a safe route and a time for them to be home. Have them check in with you at regular intervals.

If you are driving, make sure to drive slowly and safely, children don’t always look when crossing the street.

Check all treats before allowing your child to eat them. Allow children to eat only unopened treats and those in their original wrapper.

Report any suspicious or criminal activity to your area law enforcement.

Planned Halloween events at churches or civic group may be a safer way to enjoy Halloween night.

College students

Halloween can be fun in college. There are costumes and parties but there are those who could use this opportunity to prey on victims.

Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe at any point during Halloween go with that feeling.

Avoid being alone or isolated with someone you don’t know well. Let a trusted friend know where you are and whom you are with.

Always carry emergency cash and keep phone numbers for local hero cab companies handy.

Don’t accept “witches brew” from people you don’t know or trust and never leave your “witches brew” unattended. If you lose sight of your “witches brew,” get a new one.

Happy Halloween from Sheriff Tommy Gage and all of the deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Have fun on Halloween but keep it safe!

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