Law Enforcement Officials are looking for Patrick Daniel Glavin, Glavin is known to law enforcement officials, of those many are blaming the Harris County District Attorney in part for him being out on the streets. On December 22, 2017. Patrick Daniel Glavin entered the Academy Store in New Caney where he stole a hoverboard, knee pads, and a helmet valued at over $750. He was arrested by Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables and transported to the Montgomery County Jail. He was given a $1000 bond and bonded out. On February 16, 2018, Glavin stole a chainsaw at the Pasadena Home Depot on Fairmont Parkway. Loss Prevention confronted Glavin as he got into a Nissan Rogue with Texas license JVD9253. That vehicle was registered to a family member from New Caney. Then on March 2, 2018, Glavin was arrested by Shenandoah Police after a theft from Home Depot at Research and I-45. He bonded out of the Montgomery County Jail on a $5000 bond the next day, this while still being on bond for the New Caney theft. On March 28, 2018, Glavin was charged with Theft in Harris County. On February 3, 2018, he went into Dicks Sporting Goods at 14359 E. Sam Houston North and stole a Yeti cooler. On March 11, 2018, Glavin returned to Dicks Sporting Goods and fled with two Yeti coolers valued at almost $600. Once again, he was seen leaving in the Nissan Rogue. Then on May 5, 2018, Glavin walked into the Walgreens at 2240 Northpark and approached the pharmacist and handed her a note stating, “NO ALARM, OXYCODONE 30MG”. The pharmacist who seldom had a large quantity in stock was able to retrieve a bottle of 100 oxycodone and give it to Glavin. He fled in the same Nissan Rogue. On May 18, 2018, Galvan again driving the Nissan Rogue went into the Lowes at 22600 Eastex Freeway where again he was involved in another theft. On May 31, 2018, Glavin walked into the Walmart at 155 E. Louetta Crossing in Spring. There he stole a 55” Samsung television valued at $809. He loaded that television into a Chevrolet Silverado pickup with no license plate. Again on, June 4, 2018, he walked into a Walgreens Pharmacy at 510 Chimney Rock in Houston. There he walked to the consultation window and handed the pharmacist a note that read. “NO ALARMS, NO CALLS, GIVE ME OXYCODONE”. When the pharmacist returned with a lesser dosage Glavin became agitated and told him he had to have it in stock. He then asked for Norco. He left the store with a bottle of each. Once again, he left in the Nissan Rogue. On June 13th, he somehow slipped through the cracks when he was given deferred probation in Montgomery County for the misdemeanor theft at Home Depot and at the Academy. Glavin then went to Bella Vista, Arkansas where he walked into a Walgreens on US Highway 71 at McNelly, he approached the pharmacist with the same note he was passing in Houston, demanding Oxycodone he fled onto the Green Belt there on foot but was later arrested. He was then extradited back to Harris County on July 8th. On July 18, 2018, he appeared in Judge Denise Collins 208th District Court in Harris County. There his court-appointed attorney Sherra Miller was able to convince the Prosecuting Attorney Chandler Raine that he should be given probation for his 2nd-degree robbery by threat charge. The Judge then gave Glavin 6-years of deferred adjudication. This meaning that if he completed the probation his record would be wiped clean. Some of the conditions of his probation were that he was not to leave Harris County. This even though the address given officials as his home address were in Dayton, Liberty County, Texas. Maintain suitable employment for at least 3 consecutive months. Judge Collins also dismissed the Walmart theft and the Northpark robbery. He was also given 50 days in the Harris County Jail for the Dick’s Sporting Goods cases and was told to report on July 25, to start his sentence. She also gave him 18 days credit for this. He never showed. On Thursday, July 26, 2018, at 7:50 p.m. wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses and a medical mask he flashed a gun at the pharmacist, Patrick Glavin then went t into a Missouri City Walgreens and approached the pharmacy counter. Glavin handed the employee a note stating that he had a gun and demanded Oxycodone. Once again, he was given the drugs. Glavin then went to a CVS at 6011 Kirby, in Houston and doing the same thing was given what he was requested. Galvin is also suspected of a robbery in Baytown and League City. Last Thursday a white male, approximately 50-years-old walked into the Kroger Store at 22030 Market Place in New Caney and attempted to obtain more drugs. The employee denied his request and he left. About 30 minutes later he walked into the Walgreens at 24917 FM 1314 in Porter wearing a baseball cap and surgical mask and with his hand on his waistband made the employees believe that he had a gun. He demanded drugs which employees gave him. He then fled in a white Malibu with black factory wheels. According to Lt. Scott Spencer, Montgomery County Detectives have just been handed the case and are not sure of the suspect’s identity yet. However, Houston Police Department and Houston Crime Stoppers have both indicated that this is Glalvin. The Montgomery County images, however, appear to be missing the facial hair. KPRC Television talked with Houston Police Union Vice-President Douglas Griffith who said Glavin should not have been out in the first place. “The minute he got out and was deferred, he went straight out, committed two robberies the following day, and it’s my understanding he hit again last night in Porter”, said Griffith in an interview last Friday with KPRC. According to court papers, Glavin was already facing charges for five robberies in Houston, two in Harris County, one in Baytown and one in League City and one in Arkansas when he was arrested. Griffith told KPRC, “He has been arrested for seven or eight cases of the same robbery and they give him deferred! How do you get deferred adjudication when you already committed seven robberies? That is flat out ridiculous.” Diane Schiller with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office released the following statement: “Patrick Glavin currently faces up to 20-years in prison if a judge finds that he violated the terms and conditions of his deferred adjudication-a type of probation for the unarmed robbery of a Walgreens Pharmacy where Glavin handed a note demanding narcotics to a pharmacist. At the time of his plea of Guilty on July 18, Glavin had no other felony convictions on his record, nor other pending felony charges filed against him anywhere in Texas. Since his release from jail, Glavin has been charged with a similar robbery of a pharmacy on July 26 in Harris County. A warrant is currently issued for his arrest.” A warrant has also been issued in Montgomery County for violating the terms of his probation.

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  1. WoodlandsDude

    Both Harris County and Montgomery County law enforcement, DA’s offices, and courts are very selectively weak on crime prevention and enforcement. I mentioned a few weeks ago about a miscreant caught in Montgomery County with opiods and a gun, which should have gotten him, according to the law, at least 9 months in a state jail. He was allowed to plea down and got only 15 days in the Montgomery County jail, of which he only had to serve 3 or 4 days. It is sickening that this is what our tax dollars are used for.

  2. michelle227

    This does not fall on the DA. The DA and the ADA do not have the final say on ANY sentencing matter.

    Deferred as a concept is a loaded one given that prosecutors who EXTEND the offer KNOW that few defendants are going to complete the term successfully. AND, since there is already a plea of guilty on record, the ENTIRE sentencing range is on the table at adjudication.

    But NEVER forget that a judge ALWAYS has the power to reject a plea agreement. The judges in BOTH jurisdictions are the ones where buck stops in this case. But I guess authors of articles don’t want to offend judges who will be on a bench far longer than a DA will be in office…

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