harris county deputy gored by bull

Around 1:00PM Sunday, City of Cleveland EMS and Tarkington Volunteer Fire Department First Responders were dispatched to CR3011 for a report of a male in his mid- to late-30s that had been gored by a bull.

Units arrived on scene to find  James Dousay a sergeant  with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, with severe injuries to the groin area, including his femoral artery.  A landing zone was setup by Tarkington VFD at FM1008 and SH321, but Mr. Dousay went into traumatic arrest due to blood loss prior to arriving and had to be transported to Cleveland Regional Medical Center Emergency Room with CPR in progress. 

Medics in the ambulance were able to restore his vital signs on the way in and doctors at the ER were able to stabilize Mr. Dousay enough that he could be flown to Houston, where he underwent surgery.

Sgt, James Dousay is a twenty-one year veteran with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office assigned to the Homicide Division.  As of this morning he is in stable condition at Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston.

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