A new program that could let marijuana users walk free is expected to be announced Thursday by Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.
Under a new diversion program there may not be as many arrests. She is set tomorrow to announce it.
The court system is clogged with people who have been caught with small amounts of marijuana, according to several lawyers. A diversion program would mean the qualifying offenders would agree to some conditions and eventually have the charges dropped.
They feel the court system will not be as clogged.
The police union says while it would be great to have officers go after rapists and murderers instead of writing paperwork on marijuana, they are taking a wait-and-see approach.
“I have a feeling there are going to be less arrests for marijuana, but I’m hoping this program does work,” Ray Hunt said. “I’m hoping it does allow space in our jails to be held for the bad guys.”

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon thinks different and does not agree with Ogg.

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon cautioned newly elected Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg that “she doesn’t speak for the State of Texas or the majority of elected District and County Attorney’s across the State” and warns against her role in becoming a spokesperson for a liberal marijuana legalization organization.
“Despite a rise in violent crime rates in Harris County, Ms. Ogg chooses to focus her attention on the issue of legalization of marijuana,” Ligon said. “I hope it’s a mistake in judgment on her part and not a sign of things to come. I respect the jurisdictional differences between Montgomery County and Harris County, and I hope she does too.
“Unlike Harris County, Montgomery County will not become a sanctuary for dope smokers. I swore an oath to follow the law – all the laws, as written by the Texas Legislature. I don’t get to pick and choose which laws I enforce,” Ligon said.
“Further, I have my doubts about the study that her organization touts regarding the dismissal rate for misdemeanor cases. Experienced prosecutors know that misdemeanor possession cases are usually filed in combination with other charges and are likely dismissed as part of a plea to another matter, or disposed of through pre-trial diversion programs, only after the defendant has had the opportunity to receive drug and alcohol treatment and counseling,” Ligon concluded.

Several Legislators have filed bills to decriminalize marijuana in Texas.But Ligon said the law is the law and he was sworn to uphold the law until State Lawmakers changed it.

Ligon explains his view and defends his actions.

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  1. trichey

    MONTGOMERY COUNTY is all about lets set them (marijuana smokers and other misdemeanor offenders) up for SURE FAILURE. They but them on probation BEFORE the offender is even found to be guilty in a court of law and they call it conditions of bond. If you are put on probation in MONTGOMERY COUNTY you have to call in EVERY DAY, 365 days a year to find out if you have to take a drug test THAT DAY, if you are on probation in Montgomery county and you call the number at 9:00 am and it tells you that you are required to take a drug test you ONLY have until 5:30 pm to take it and pay for it, if you can’t pay for it that day, you will NOT be allowed to take it and they (the probation office)will report it to the court as a refusal on your part to take the drug test. I could go on and on, but in a nutt shell MONTGOMERY COUNTY needs a COMPLETE overhaul in the area of ELECTED OFFICIALS. THE PEOPLE of Montgomery County need to TAKE back their county once and for all. Most of you are thinking this does not concern you, well wait till your niece or nephew or grandson or granddaughter have their life DESTROYED over ONE small misdemeanor mistake. But trying to help change or correct the problems with the county at that point will not save your love one. BRETT LIGON again all these people can read so DO NOT start making phone calls LIEING by telling people I have threatened a member of your family (which I have NEVER done) all because you once AGAIN do not like what I am saying.

  2. trichey

    REALLY, Brett Ligon should NOT be cautioning any other elected district attorney on any level. Brett Ligon does not care about the LAWS, he cares about the numbers. He does not care about over crowding of the jail or prison systems he only cares about showing that his office has ALL THESES cases and they need more money ect. ect. ect. When in fact half of the cases is fictional to say the least. Brett Ligon picks and chooses who he will prosecute, how they will be prosecuted and if he will refuse to prosecute, regardless of what LAWS were broken or how many victims were left in the wake of the offence. Brett Ligon LIES more than any other elected official in Montgomery County. I do not smoke marijuana, but if it was LEGAL we could collect tax on it, we could have a better chance at keeping it out of our children’s hands. It is easier for children to get marijuana than it is for them to get cigarettes or Alcohol. Cigarettes lead to CANCER Alcohol leads to Alcoholism but marijuana is a natural grown substance that helps way more people than it hurts.

    Thank you Brett Ligon for once again embarrassing the people of Montgomery County

  3. hummingbird1998

    In my opinion Montgomery County should take the same initiative as Kim Ogg, Our District Attorneys spend way too much time on the same situations and our jails are full also. I hate to say it but I think our county has become so corrupt, it makes me sick, its never going to change from being “the good ole boy” situation. I’ve watched for years seeing one hand patting the others shoulder, elections being based on “political favors” and just down right dishonest people running our county, just sayin………

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