Just before midnight Harris County Sheriff’s Department received a call from a young man who advised them he had been carjacked on Wednesday and was currently following his car at Rankin and Interstate 45. Units were dispatched as the victim updated them with his location. As they approached Spring Montgomery County was notified. Just as the stolen vehicle crossed the county line Harris County units caught up with it and followed it off the Rayford exit and then east on Rayford. As they instituted a traffic stop the vehice briefly stopped then sped away.

Harris County with the assistance of Oak Ridge North, Shenandoah and Precinct 3 pursued the vehicle north on Richards Road. They continued until the suspect vehicle hit a sand pile as he turned down Oak Ridge School Road, went through the Oak Ridge High School practice field fence and ended up near the goal posts. Extensive damage was done to the track, fence and end zone of the practice field. The four black males then exited the vehicle and fled on foot.

K-9’s were brought in and searched a large area. One suspect was arrested near Johnson and the railroad tracks, another close by. Some two hours later another suspect was caught on David Memorial.

At that point the search was called off.

The events leading up to the pursuit were quite frightening. The owner of the vehicle had come home from work and pulled into his apartment complex at Wunderlich and FM 1960. He let the vehicle run as he walked to the mailbox to get his mail. Durung this time he was approached by three black males with a handgun who demanded his money. He threw his billfold in the grass and started running. The males then drove off in his car.

Being scared of something more happening since they now had his billfold with him personal information in it, he decided to stay at a friends. As he returned to his friends from work another friend called and reported he had just seen the victims car on Rankin Road. He and his friends raced down to the area and after twenty minutes decided to give up the search.

As they pulled into the Chevron/McDonalds at Rankin and Interstate 45 the victims car was exiting.


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