Police say they were following a group of robbers for an entire day before a deadly shootout.
Two people were killed Thursday night after several officers got into a gunfight with a group of attempted robbers in north Houston, police said. One of the suspects was even wearing an ankle monitor.
The shooting happened at a strip center in the 11300 block of the North Freeway, where police say five suspects were robbing the Affordable Furniture store. When they walked out, five officers were waiting on them. They exchanged fire.

Saturday morning two suspects from the officer involved shooting  in which officers shot at the suspects, killing two of them. Another suspect, Barry Jones, suffered non-life threatening injuries. He will be charged in the robbery once he’s released from the hospital. The final two suspects, Young and White-Leonard were arrested at the scene.
Young and White-Leonard face robbery charges with a weapon. Investigators say Young had a black mask and black jacket and was staked out inside of a furniture truck that employees were unloading on Thursday night. They say he robbed an employee. They also say they found $3,400 in cash on Young at the time of the robbery.
Lontay Young, a documented gang member, has a long criminal history. He’s been in and out of jail for a decade. In fact, while in court on Saturday, he was charged with two other robberies. One at a pawn shop, the other at an auto parts store. The robberies happened within the past five weeks.
Meanwhile, Young has been wearing an ankle monitor as part of his bond for yet another robbery case. Investigators were able to link Young to the more recent robberies through the GPS on his ankle monitor. The first being a Cash American Store and the second bring an O’Rielets Auto Parts Store.
Young is not eligible for bond. White-Leonard has a $30,000 bond.

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Along with the  the two another person was seen before the judge Saturday morning. On February 8, 2016, workers at an ice cream shop were closing up for the night at Magnolia Ice Cream when someone comes in with a shotgun, pointing it right in their faces.
This happened Monday night at Magnolia’s Ice Cream & More in southeast Houston.
The man had his face covered and ran in with that shotgun. He goes to the register and forces the employee to empty the register.
The employees were very shaken up but not physically hurt. This man was also arrested and booked into the Harris County Jail but was not involved with the other suspects.

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