About 730pm Monday an 18-wheeler hauling Phosphoric acid was traveling north on FM 1725 from Cleveland. As the driver approached the intersection of SH150 he did not realize FM 1725 ended at the intersection. The driver ran the stop sign and tried to negotiate a turn but with his speed was unable to. The truck rolled over in the ditch rupturing the diesel fuel tanks. THe cargo loas also began to leak but extremely slowly. Pumpkin Evergreen Fire Department of San Jacinto County was first to respond. When they arrived they requested assistance from New Waverly Fire Department, North Montgomery County Fire Department, Conroe Fire Haz-Mat, Woodlands Fire Haz-mat and Needham Fire Decon Team. The driver was uninjured. At midnight crews were still working to clean up the mess. Another tanker was enroute to off load the rolled over tanker and a heavy duty wrecker was n the scene to recover the truck. San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office and DPS along with TXDOT are on the scene.

The road will remain closed possiby through the morning commute. SH 150 is a major throughfare for truck traffic from I-45 in New Waverly to Cleveland on I-69. It is also the main road from Coldspring to Willis which is heavily traveled.









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