Late Monday evening, heavy rains moved into Montgomery County and within minutes calls for high water were being dispatched. In particular, one area hit hard was Willis. Panorama closed off the northbound feeder at FM 830 after mud and debris flowed across the road with water.

Willis Police forced all traffic off the freeway at FM 1097 after water started to rise under the overpass. Two wreckers showed up and were tasked with pulling vehicles from the water. At least six cars were removed.

Meanwhile, Conroe Police also had their hands full with high water. At one point a car became trapped in water on the Interstate 45 northbound feeder near Candy Cane Park. After Conroe and The Woodlands Fire Department arrived a wrecker ventured out into the churning water and towed the vehicle to safety.

South Loop 336 at Interstate 45 was flooded with four feet of water under the railroad bridge, where a van attempted the crossing but failed.

However, rains failed to slow the thieves down. One tried his luck at driving a pickup off the lot of GNC Motors on FM 3083. He made it as far as the flooded ditch and abandon his efforts.

At 330am the rain continued and flooding had slowed but not stopped.


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