high school student involved in pursuit

HERNANDEZ,HORACIO111793Just after 5p.m. Wednesday Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Birch was enroute to a disturbance call when a white Ford pickup passed him at a high rate of speed in front of Ben Milam School at FM3083 and Grangerland Road. Deputy Birch who had just turned around in the school parking lot activated his emergency lights and attempted to stop the vehicle.

Instead of stopping the vehicle sped up going north on FM 3083. As he approached FM 2090 he turned eastbound and continued at a high rate of speed. After passing the Caney Creek Fire Station Hernandez went into the oncoming lane of traffic passing vehicles at the stop sign in the intersection of FM 2090 and FM 1485. Running the red light almost striking a vehicle in the intersection he continued eastbound on FM 2090 toward Splendora.

As other units moved toward the area Splendora Police also moved to intercept the vehicle on FM2090.

As the vehicle approached Tommy Smith Road he finally pulled over and was taken into custody.

Horacio Hernandez,17, of Conroe is charged with evading arrest, a felony and was transported to the Montgomery County Jail where he remains with a $1500 bond. A sixteen-year-old passenger in the vehicle was released to his parents.

He was not the first one in trouble in the past two days. Another high school student was stopped Tuesday night doing over 100mph on FM 3083 in the same area.

Just before Wednesday’s pursuit Precinct 4 Deputy Jimmy Cox stopped another student in a Dodge pickup driving 82 in a 40 on Crockett Martin Drive. His vehicle was towed.

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  1. Swatz

    I don’t even care about the speeding, just don’t be a moron. Passing in the wrong lanes, in dangerous areas, passing at stop signs, running red lights.

    Excessive speed is an obvious problem, but that first guy should have his license revoked for wreck-less driving, with a little notation of idiot on file.

  2. bigcalvin

    is chimindn said it maybe cool but stop and thank what your mom and dad would go trough if you ended up killing your self or someone else either way your life is over so please just slow down just because your friends want you to act crazy dose not mean you have to go along with them

  3. ChimingN

    Please slow down! It may seem very cool to drive so fast, but most of the time there are very tragic consequences. It’s not worth it!

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