his excuse was he was cleaning up the roadway

BANE,MARCANTHONYAt noon Thursday Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and Precinct 4 Constables responded to a report of a man loading a freeway street light into his truck. on US 59 southbound near Community Drive.

When they arrived they found Marc Anthony Bane, age 34, of 3509 Evergreen in Porter and his female companion Christy Jo Latham of 27808 Casey in New Caney in a pickup truck parked in the median. In that truck was the street light that had been knocked down in an accident 3 weeks ago. The street light had been cut into five pieces using a cutting torch he had in the bed of the truck.

TXDOT was notified and responded. Christy Jo Latham had an outstanding warrant from the 359th District Court for manufacture with a $10,000 bond and a misdemeanor capias issued out of County Court 5.


LATHAM,CHRISTYJOBane was charged with theft of material 50% aluminum, bronze, copper and placed in the Montgomery County Jail with a $3000 bond.

Dispatchers noted that at noon only one person reported it with hundreds of vehicles traveling down the highway.

Bane told Deputies he was cleaning the roadways up. He forgot the coke cups three feet away.




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  1. dreamwatcher

    Well maybe the judge should issue 1 year of community service which would require them to wear those cute vests and “clean up the roadway”…this time, he could pick up coke cans and bottles and roadway litter. After all, Don’t Mess With Texas!!!

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