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Posted: 1.3.2010 7:09

“Home business” lands Porter couple in jail

EAST MONTGOMERY COUNTY – The Pct. 4 Constable’s Office, a.k.a. Men in Black, had a busy Saturday night, removing 114 marijuana plants from a residence on a quiet Porter cul-de-sac.

Roger Sanchez Klein, 40 and 34-year-old Elizabeth Lucia Vallatos who live in the 22000 block of Wood Moss Ct. in Porter were charged with third-degree felony possession of marijuana (more than 5 pounds, but less than 20 pounds).

Cpl. Art Looza, Deputy Eric Mchugh, Deputy Beau Boudreaux and Deputy Josh Bergland conducted the investigation at the unlikely looking neat two-story brick house in a restricted subdivision off of Cumberland Blvd.

Cpl. Looza said they were acting on an anonymous tip when he and Deputy Mchugh went to the residence on Wood Moss, where they soon learned Vallatos had an outstanding warrant (not drug related). As the officers spoke with the couple, Looza said Klein told them had some marijuana upstairs, which turned out to be a huge understatement.

After receiving consent to search the residence and calling for additional officers, they went upstairs where they found an elaborate hydroponic lab with special lighting and other equipment that occupied two adjacent rooms. The rooms contained plants in every stage from marijuana seeds to plants the size of the average fichus tree in a business office, to some trimmed and in the drying stage, to the end product which was packaged in Mason jars. There were also many end pieces of marijuana filled cigars, or “blunts,” and Swisher Sweets cigar boxes waiting to be filled. There was additional paraphernalia scattered around the rooms, such as water pipes, scales, clippers and rolling papers.

The pair of rooms had a pungent, almost breathtaking odor but it was not detectable throughout the home or outside, thanks to an elaborate and costly filtration system in the home’s attic.

Lt. Mark Seals, Investigator Buck Clendennen, and Constable Rowdy Hayden responded to assist in the investigation and removal and processing of the large amount of marijuana and other contraband.

Officers said

Klein and Vallatos are now free on bond.

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