The Texas Lottery Commission experiencing technical issues that are affecting the purchase of Powerball tickets at some retail locations in several areas of Texas including Montgomery County. At Stripes on Highway 75 in Wills some people waited almost an hour for the machines to pick up again. People joining the line experienced the same situation in several other retail outlets in the Willis area.

The Texas Lottery Commission tweeted Wednesday night: “We are experiencing technical issues at some of our retail locations. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

Remember if you win, the law states that you must come forward to collect your prize within 180 days. Some however have stayed hidden by assigning a trustee through the MDDSS Revocable Trust.

  • If you hit the jackpot and win a lottery prize of several hundred thousand dollars or more, you’ll want to take steps to protect your newfound wealth and manage it effectively. A revocable trust is one option to consider. Creating a revocable trust can be done quickly and is probably among the first things you want to do, along with consulting a tax attorney and financial adviser.

Creating Revocable Trust

Trusts are legal arrangements created for the purpose of owning and administering assets on behalf of a beneficiary. As the trust’s creator, you become the grantor. You may name yourself as trustee so that you retain full control of assets in the trust. You can even name yourself and your spouse as the primary beneficiaries and designate successor beneficiaries to inherit the trust when you pass away. It’s legal to create a revocable, or “living” trust on your own, but the American Bar Association says that when large sums are involved, such as a multi-million-dollar lottery prize, it’s safer to retain a lawyer with experience in estate and tax law.

                                 STRIPES –HWY 75 IN WILLIS

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