The Montgomery County Hospital District held a reunion Monday afternoon with Jerry Robertson, age 55 of New Caney and several medics and firefighters at the Needham Fire Station.

Last December as New Caney Fire Department was having their annual Christmas party for their firefighters Needham Fire Department backed into their station to cover the district. The crew decided to get something to eat somewhere close to the station. Sonic was ruled out due to the fire truck maneuvering through the parking lot. It was decided  to go to Hartz Chicken at FM 1485 and US 59.

Chief Kevin Hosler and firefighters James German, Matt Capozzelli, Pat Dorsey and Anthony Salas had just sat down to eat when Robertsons wife started screaming she needed help. Thinking her husband was choking the crew sprung into action. Within seconds they realized he was not choking but was in full cardiac arrest. They immediately started CPR and initiated the automated external defibrillator (AED) in an attempt to shock his heart back into rhythm. The first shock was successful but he went into cardiac arrest two more times before the medics Monica Gould and Kelly Aleksick arrived and took over.

Jerry Robertson had just gotten out of the hospital from having stints put in when he had the heart attack. His doctor tried to get him to stay an extra day but, according to Robertson with the food and lying around he wanted out so the doctor released him.

MCHD transported him to Kingwood Hospital.

Robertson told the group there was some reason God put those firefighters in that Hartz Chicken that night and because of them he is now able to talk about it.

Each member of the rescue crew were presented with a plaque. Jerry Robertson was also presented a plaque with a photo of his rescuers.


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