Monday morning Central Montgomery County Fire Department and Needham Fire Department were dispatched to a reported house fire on Red Bud in the Magnolia Bend Subdivision. When they arrived a female and three children were backing out of the driveway and smoke was visible from the home. As firefighters entered the home smoke was at waist level. The fire which appeared to have originated in a back bedroom mattress was quickly extinguished. 

Firefighters notified the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office of the fire and requested Investigators Scott Burlin and Roland Morgan to the scene. They also requested the Sheriff’s Office. The female and her three children that were about to leave remained on the scene.

When the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office arrived and fire investigators firefighters led them through the home where the fire was. Inside the home there was no running water, no electricity and no gas. The home which was owned by the female, Bridget Watson, 30 was in extremely poor condition. Windows were broken, sheetrock caved in and it was discovered a restroom had been set up in a room since there was no sewer service. Investigators also noted the lack of food in the house. Investigators interviewed Watson and her children but were unable to determine the cause of the fire.

Texas Child Protective Services was notified due to the living conditions of the three children ages seven, twelve and fourteen. In addition the Red Cross was notified.

As firefighters and investigators awaited the arrival of the agencies the three children asked the firefighters if by chance they had anything to eat. They stated they were hungry and haven’t eaten in awhile. Just before the firefighters responded to the call they had been in the midst of cooking breakfast. Chief Farthing of Central Montgomery County Fire Department sent a firefighter back to the station to retrieve what had been cooked and some additional food. The youngsters also took time to try on the firefighters gear.

Child Protective Services arrived a short time later and after speaking with everyone involved , took custody of the children after learning Watson had nowhere to live and no means to care for the children.. According to officials, the father of the children is currently in prison and the mother was trying to do all she could to provide for the children.



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  1. greenstorm hi

    let me just say that the whole family lived with us and we had to kicked them out,becuase the were dirty here to.they lived with us back in january of this year,she gets ssi checks and food stamps once a month.there is no excuess for the way she was living.they were sleeping in filth and dirty trash. and she says she doesent have any money to buy food,but she sure had money for gas,to back out of the drive way to leave.there is no excuss for the way she was living.get off ur dead ass and go get help it is her own fault and cps needed to take the kids.good for them,now she took off and joined a fair run away from ur problems.

  2. Kbcallie

    And furthermore if she had a vehicle and was ” backing out of the drive way when the fire fighters arrived ” she had transportation obviously to get around.

  3. Kbcallie

    I agree with the majority of the above comments. I will say this ” justalken ” you sure had alot to say in defence of this woman and the living conditions that she exposed her children to …. What you failed to express is the fact that these children deseved a better living enviroment regardless of this womans circumstances PERIOD !!! Poverty is NO EXCUSE for the TRASH and FILTH that these kids were exposed to.It almost sounds to me as tho you have a personal connection to this sad situation.Her spouse being in jail is no excuse for these living conditions. Your one step forward and 10 backwards theory don’t cut it either … All 3 of her children are of school age. She had all day long while they were at school to at the least clean her house find a ride to a food bank or walk if she had to but she didn’t.Keep feeling sorry for her and others like her, that have more excuses for their neglect of their children than carters has little liver pills and keep sending the message to these low life parents that this kind of neglect for the health and welfare of these innocent children is acceptable in our societybecause someone will step in and help …. Go ahead and enable her and others like her for the sake of the kids. I say Kuddos to CPS for stepping in and removing the children from this nightmare. Again … Poverty is one thing , living in and exposing your children to this kind of filth is another.

  4. kda0906

    Very sad story for the kids… but all these people that feel sorry for her and think she needs her kids she don’t because her kids did not have any food and haven’t ate but yet she was backing out of her driveway to leave so where did she get gas money at cause before I worried about having gas in my car or who evers car I am driving I would get food for my kids

  5. Swatz

    And that’s why we all love firefighters so much. Put out the fire, take the kids back to the station, let them play with (educate them about) the equipment while cooking them food.

    If any firefighters read this, Thanks guys. This is why I put money in the boot and try and make an effort to stop on the chili benefit days, at any fire department.

  6. justalken

    Its called being overwhelmed when you both physically & Mentally shut down. I have been there where you just give up you take 1 step forward 10 back. So people set back get your facts before you set in judgement of someone else. That could be why she is where she is now. As for CPS they should have took mother & children & placed them together. You cant very well get a job if you have no water, money for gas, money to pay a sitter, food to feed them, clean cloths,etc. People are always quick to judge but there could be many legit reasons for this situation help them first then see how they do, people are afraid to go ask for help because of the fear of loseing there children. Being poor is not a crime being discrimanated against for it however is.But that is excately what happens because people can’t keep up with others so they are stero typed as trash. I saw people with cars that barely run if a car at all, 1 outfit maybe a extra shirt,No tolet tissue had a out house, washed dishes in the bathtub & cloths on a rub board,hung out to dry, but didn’t complain. There food cooked over a open fire, water heated in barrels, they hunted there food & grew what they could.Bath in ponds are rivers But they were happy,& Thankful for what they had. Think about people lived like this for many years and they weren’t harmed for it they were appreciative of what they had & more so when things got better. Our children learn from us to judge are to help others and anyone of us could find ourselves in the same position at anytime. So be fair have a heart teach your children to love thy neighbor you never know what the circumstances are that got them where they are at, hell they may have worked up just to get there & your words cause them to go backwards. Be Kind, helpful, non judgemental, & Godly it will come back to you .

  7. rmjmjm

    Are you really serious. There is no way CPS should not take these children. It may not be the mother’s fault that she doesn’t have money but it is definately her fault the deplorable living conditions that these children had to endure. If she didn’t work and couldn’t provide electricity water and other necessities she should have had plenty of time to at least furnish a cleaner living enviroment!!!

  8. kj2104

    This is truly the safest story I have heard. Why can’t the county help this lady instead of taking her kids away from her. Prayers for this family and hope for the best outcome in this situation..

  9. mamabear

    It doesn’t take a penny to pick up your garbage. Not a cent. Ugh. This is just infuriating. I know what poor is. My family has been POOR. But they were clean. These poor kids. Bless their hearts.

  10. mamabear

    I’m sorry, but this is not “doing all you can for your children”. This is living like trash. It is one thing to be poor. Is is another all together to be filthy dirty. She may have been forced to go without food, or water, or whatever the case may be, but no one forced her to pile trash up knee high in a home where she is supposed to be doing the best she can for her children. These pictures prove the neglect. I don’t care what her intentions were. If you “intend” to care for your children, at the very LEAST give them a CLEAN environment. Dirt poor or not.

  11. crbrumek2001

    Instead of CPS taking the children away WHY not HELP the mother find resources in the community to help her take care of her children and help her find a job! There are SHELTERS and RESOURCES here in Montgomery County! It would be BETTER for the children to STAY together with their MOTHER and help her take care of them then to remove them and put them in foster care!

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