Sunday night North Montgomery County Fire Department responded to a reported house fire on Ben Wiggins Road. Units arrived on scene and were able to quickly extinguish the blaze. However with two engines in the driveway of the home some 250 yards from the road, the driveway gave way to the wet soil below it. After several hours work, Sunday night Roxanne with Milstead Heavy Duty was able to retrieve one truck which was only about 100-feet from the road. The other truck, which was also sunk to the body was a far more time-consuming project. Commissioner Metts responded to the scene Sunday night and determined what was needed to remove the truck. Early Monday morning Precinct 4 crews arrived with several laminated wooden mats. Using a back how on loan from Martin Realty, the crews were able to lay them over part of the driveway. Once that was completed, firefighters used their own skills and equipment to raise the body up out of the mud enough to hook a heavy-duty wrecker to it. With the newer trucks, just pulling it out would have damaged lower cabinets, steps, exhaust and other components. Chris with Milstead Wrecker then started to winch the truck out. The soft soil continued to break away under the fire truck. Three times the heavy duty entered and exited the drive with no effect. However, as the fire truck was pulled back it constantly broke the surface and sank again and again. The truck was finally brought onto the wooden mats and was able to exit with a small amount of cosmetic damage. Metts explained that due to the fire truck having the two axles compared to the multi-axle wrecker, the load difference made the truck go down in the very saturated surface. However, with life and property in danger they had to get to the fire. Both trucks are now back in service with two very tired crews.

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