House Passes Brady Bill to Audit BP Fund

Feds will examine the timeliness, accuracy of $20 billion claims fund

Washington, DC — The House of Representatives late last night passed a measure by U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady’s (R-Texas) to audit the $20 billion fund by BP to compensate persons affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The measure, HR 6016, directs the Comptroller General to conduct an ongoing independent investigation of the operations of the fund to determine the effectiveness, timeliness and accuracy of the claims process.

The comptroller will report back to Congress every 90 days.

"This fund is critical to many families, businesses and communities impacted by the gulf spill. It’s important that the claims process be fair and timely, as well as free from fraud, bias or political pressure,” said Brady.

Only two percent – about $400 million – of the $20 billion fund has been distributed to date. Community leaders, state attorneys general and individuals have registered complaints about the speed and fairness of the fund which is headed by Kenneth R. Feinberg who was appointed by President Obama to oversee the claims process. 

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