Early Saturday Morning three people were injured, two had to be hospitalized for burns and smoke inhalation. All the victims lived in separate apartments in the 3700 block of Southmore near the Texas Medical Center. Two women, one in her 60s and one in her 50s, were among the victims.
A 13-year-old boy was the other victim. Firefighters say the boy was only found because they saw his hands on a window, and set out to rescue him.
Multiple units of the apartment complex have been completely gutted by the flames.
Fire officials on the scene say some sort of flammable liquid may have been used to start the fire. Heavy damage can be seen to the upper floor of the two-story apartment building.
As you can imagine, many of the victims in this early morning fire were fast asleep. When firefighters arrived, some of the residents could be seen hanging outside their windows, unable to escape.
Firefighters were able to use a ladder to rescue those trapped in the fire.
Dearie Ruth says her neighbor appeared intoxicated when she rushed to her door.
“The lady next door asked if she could borrow my fire extinguisher,” Ruth says. “So I got and took it to her, and next thing I see is smoke and fire out her window.”
The woman and her grandchild were able to get out alive.

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