The DWI NO REFUSAL is in full swing and after last night it has already paid off.  Since 6 p.m. Friday night law enforcement officials in Montgomery County have arrested 22 drivers for being intoxicated. Of the ones arrested last night five warrants were issued for blood draws. Anything .08 and over is considered intoxicated. One last night blew a .147.

The advertising campaign has been in full swing al;most a week but yet the number of arrests indicate people are not taking is serious.

Friday night marked the third night of “NO REFUSAL”

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  1. scratchnmyhead

    To all who responded: Wow, it’s so easy to get people all riled up! And then you stop seeing the whole picture and resort to personal attacks. Don’t wish harm to my family because you can’t or won’t see my point of view. And don’t assume you know anything about me, my line of work or my history. You’d be very surprised. Now go back to your small little worlds and calm down. You all played along nicely! 🙂

  2. Bcline23


    your obviously not going to understand until one of your family members or friends is laying dead on the side of the road because of a drunk driver and there is a posting on this website showing what happened. until it actually affects you just keep standing there scratching your head and complaining because our local law enforecement is trying to save this from happening to someone you know!

  3. scratchnmyhead

    My point …. so all that tragedy is only felt by victims of dwi? I’m not saying dwi isn’t bad just that the over-emphasis is out of control. Dwi is not the only thing going on in Montgomery County that needs attention or causing pain.

  4. dreamwatcher

    To Scratchnmyhead…..concerning a drunk driver…

    WHEN you are the person that answers the 911 call, dispatches the ambulance, works the accident scene, transports and treats the injured, reports the news, you are affected by the stupidity of a drunk driver.

    WHEN you are the family of the innocent person that was killed or severly injured due to the stupidity of a drunk driver it changes your life….forever.

    WHEN you are ignorant about what drinking and driving can do – you will continue to think the way you do.

  5. lsimpelone

    Dear Scratchnmyhead ~ I wish I could introduce you to my friend, whos son was killed by a drunk driver. You sound like an idiot, Unfortunately, you can’t always fix stupid.

  6. scratchnmyhead

    Oh yeah, and accidents that injure and kill people happen all the time and the causitive factor / driver isn’t drunk. MMMM, see what I mean? Media Hype!

  7. scratchnmyhead

    If it’s such a heinous crime, then why is it just a Class B Misd, so much paperwork for the cops, and such an easy charge to get out of???? Even with blood, a good attorney can always find a way out, usually poor reasons for the stop in the first place. Despite what the police think, everyone that drives less than perfect isn’t dwi and everyone that has had a drink or two isn’t over 0.08 BAC.

  8. kdoz40

    I work in an emergency room. For you who think that DWI is something “less important” than other crimes.. Come work with me. Go work with the Ems crews and the police who have to see the destruction and the pain the family endures. Innocent people die because some selfish jerk decides its ok to drink and drive. The drunk just gets bounced around and usually does not get hurt… Other innocent people die because of this ignorance. Then in more cases than not… the drunk does not get arrested on scene and leaves the country before they can get him.

  9. mahatantra

    It’s quite obvious that ‘Scratchmyhead’ has never been involved with a DWI or lost a loved one to a drunk driver.

  10. scratchnmyhead

    I am sick to death of all the exaggerated emphasis on DWI. There are much more prevelant crimes that harm a larger number of people than DWI. This is all just a big bunch of media hype. Spend our tax dollars in a more fiscally responsible way.

    1. Scott Engle

      Try working a fatal accident caused by a drunk driver. Try going to a parents home and tell them your teen driver is not going to be home anymore because a drunk driver killed her. Since the program started in Montgomery County the DWI injury accident have drastically slowed to almost nothing. The ones gripe about it are usually the ones it concerns. What more prevelant crimes would you be referring to? With 22 drunks off the road last night what do you call that.? What happens when your car insurance goes up because of all the DWI crashes the companies pay out for. Across the state the fatality rate has dropped since this went into effect.

  11. Alan

    I agree with you Jim.

    I, personally don’t care how hammered anyone wants to get, go for it. Just don’t get behind the wheel afterwards.

    These people must live in a cave if they haven’t seen all the media attention about the ‘No Refusal Weekend’ or they just ignore it. What a way to spend the holiday weekend-in jail.

  12. Jim

    Maybe they will start paying attention when they sober up and realize the dollar amounts they are going to have to spend on towing and impound fees, bail bonds, fines, court costs, SR-22’s….etc,. Some people have to learn the hard way.

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