Huge Illegal Temporary License Plate Operation Busted

On April 3, 2019, The Montgomery County Regional Auto Theft Task Force, The Walker County Sheriff’s Office, Huntsville Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division and The National Insurance Crime Bureau conducted an investigation into a business in Huntsville Texas known as The Price is Right Auto Sales and Amazing Favor African Palace Market located in the 2900 block of Sam Houston Ave. This lengthy and detailed investigation revealed that suspect(s) sold approximately 448 illegal paper license plates, and 429 illegal dealer license plates.
During this same investigation, businesses were also found to be selling illegal fish which warranted further investigation by a Texas Game Warden. Additionally, due to the poor nature and conditions associated with these illicit businesses, The City of Huntsville Fire Marshall, Health Inspectors and Building code inspectors were also summoned to the scene. As a result of their investigation, the City of Huntsville condemned one of the buildings associated.
This illegal operation not only defrauded the public, but it also put vehicles onto our roadways that posed additional dangers to motorists. This is an ongoing investigation, and multiple charges are pending against the business operator(s)
The Auto Theft Task Force will continue to investigate fraudulent issued paper tags and other vehicle related crimes that cover their eight county area.
“I am extremely proud of the partnerships we’ve developed working with the Regional Auto Theft Task Force and the impact those relationships are having in our community.” Sheriff Clint McRae, Walker County Sheriff.
“This investigation is yet another example of the combined effort among our law enforcement partners, and the success these partnerships have in removing crime from our communities.” Sheriff Rand Henderson, Montgomery County Sheriff.

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  1. Texicandog

    I have noticed in recent weeks an abundance of temp plates in the Magnolia/Woodlands area. Just yesterday, I was at a light behind a black Escalade with old, expired paper plates. Glad you caught these guys.

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