This is the second major incident in just over a month, in December Humble Police had to call for backup when over one hundred people tried to gain access to the mall for the sale of tennis shoes.

This morning it was much more deadly. Police say a car burglary suspect was fatally shot by an officer in the parking lot of Deerbrook Mall.

The incident happened around noon Monday. Humble police say they responded to a call of a burglary of a motor vehicle in progress outside Hobby Lobby. Police arrived and saw a suspect getting out of the car and into a Ford pick-up truck that was reported stolen.

Officers located the extended cab Ford pickup truck outside of the Sears and that’s when Humble police say an officer got out of the car with his weapon drawn. The pickup truck tried to back up and police say the officer broke out the passenger window of the truck with his handgun. That gun accidentally discharged, police say, fatally striking the passenger.

Police say the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

The second suspect in the truck was taken into custody.

Humble police say the names are being withheld at this time and are still investigating.

Deerbook Mall management said that no shoppers were injured in the incident. However as many as five Mall Security trucks paraded around the mall parking lot in the area of the shooting which was marked off by police with yellow tape.

David Neal, a customer of the mall commented, :” when a scene like this happens on the streets the police have yellow barrier tape for a reason. Here all these security guards running off people slowing down to look and chasing the media off the Deerbrook property. What happens for the security of the shoppers around the remainder of the mall with all these guards running around like wanna-be’s. I question managements decision on not directing them to do their job and let the police do their.

Another woman who did not want to be identified commented, “My husband and I tried to take our daughter to a movie Saturday night, as the movie started what looked to be about 20 gang members came into our theater acting unruly, we left and will never go back!


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