Over 300 pieces of fire equipment slowly moved toward the Central Baptist Church in Bryan this morning just after daybreak. Law enforcement officers closed almost every street in the area to make way for the procession. Once they arrived close to the church a walking procession took place the remainder of the way. With bagpipes playing the line moved slowly into the church.

“In each of the Bryan fire stations, this slogan is displayed. Everyone goes home,” shared Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski.

“Lt Eric Wallace and Lt. Greg Pickard has gone home to a very special place. They have gone home to the lord and savior Jesus Christ. They were very brave and heroic men who I am proud to have known, but most importantly they are servants of God in service to their families and to their community,” he continued.

“To Brothers Pickard and Wallace,” read Bryan Fire Lt. D.J. Carpenter,” Their last alarm. They’re going home.”

As the final alarm bell rang out inside Central Baptist Church Wednesday afternoon, the start reality echoed in thousands of people’s ears: two of their fellow firefighters were not coming back to the station.

Eric Wallace and Greg Pickard were firefighters respected in their profession. They were also heroes honored by their actions.

“Fallen firefighters are shown support from their fellow firefighters, from the community and the world we live in,” said Dave White, a retired firefighter. He added this support in death is a firefighter tradition.

The deaths of Eric Wallace and Greg Pickard affected the greater firefighter family. Wednesday, they let two families know they will never be alone, even by those who are watching over those injured by Friday’s fire




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