As scheduled the private jet carrying Cpl. Joseph Logan arrived at Bush International Airport at 10 a.m. Monday morning. As the family sat on the tarmac facing the aircraft as it taxied in Houston Police, Patriot Guard, Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies, Precinct 2 and Precinct 3 deputies stood at attention. Houston Fire Department with their airport crash trucks positioned themselves and created an arch of water as the aircraft passed under it.

Within fifteen minutes Cpl. Logan’s casket was taken off the aircraft and with fellow Marines carried the casket to the waiting hearse.

Normally escorts from Bush Airport to Montgomery County are forced to use the Beltway to I-45 and north. In the past this has been a dangerous situation as the long slow moving procession entered Interstate 45 and attempted to move to the left lane. With law enforcement escorts the procession was taken up the Hardy Toll Road thanks to the Harris County Toll Road Authority. As they approached one of the toll plaza’s the flags had been brought down to half-mast and the employees stood out in front saluting as the procession passed. A Union Pacific conductor moving southbound on the tracks was seen waving an American flag in his red white and blue striped shirt.

Moving as speeds less than 40 miles per hour due to the flags on the backs of the motorcycles and the wind the procession moved slowly up the toll road to I-45. As the procession entered Montgomery County several law enforcement units, fire trucks, MCHD units and DPS lined over a mile of the freeway as officers saluted Cpl. Logan. Many civilians also pulled over on the shoulders standing at attention as they passed.

Needham Fire Department lined the overpass of FM 1488 with men and equipment as did several other departments along the way. The management of the Outlet Mall at League Line and I-45 displayed Cpl. Logan’s photo on their electronic billboard.

Arriving in Willis the North Montgomery County Fire Department and Conroe Fire departments set up their ladder trucks with an American flag hanging as the procession passed under it. In addition hundreds of people holding signs and flags stood in tribute to Cpl. Logan.






Continuing down FM 1097 Montgomery Fire Department and many other residents lined the roadway through the entire distance to Cpl. Logan’s family home on Midway Drive. Making one last trip past his home the procession moved to Sam Houston Funeral Home on FM 1097.

The viewing for Cpl. Logan is scheduled for Tuesday at Sam Houston Funeral Home with the funeral Wednesday at 3 p.m. at the Willis Community Center,.

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  1. extorris

    Such a sad picture of the father holding his son’s boots. And who is that knucklehead wearing sandals standing next to him!? YOU’RE NOT AT WAL-MART! SHOW SOME RESPECT!!

  2. kencoarms

    Thank you for the great job on the video and photos. I sent this link to Tom and Debbie Logan so they can see it. God Bless Joey and his Family We will miss him on our fishing and hunting trips. SEMPER FI

  3. YOAK1923

    What a true outpouring of love and respect from Montgomery County and surrounding areas. Welcome home Cpl. Logan, may you be at rest now. Great Job, MCPR, thanks for all you do

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