Huntsville Police today identified the victim of Monday’s homicide as K’Lynn Kohr. age 17. Police were called to the mobile home in the Tanglewood Subdivision just before 3pm Monday and discovered her body. She lived with her cousin at the home.

K’Lynn’s mother Julie who was a was a  physical education teacher at Madisonville Intermediate School and coached boys and girls cross country at the junior high school.

On November 30, 2008 Madisonville Sheriff’s Department said  she tragically died in her home and was discovered about 3:45pm in the afternoon.

Her mother who graduated in 1988 from the University of Eastern New Mexico taught for a year in Montana before teaching in Splendora for three years and then moving on to Madisonville.

K’Lynn was a varsity track star and basketball star in 2008 at Madisonville and also held top positions in not just  honor roll but also placed first  in a UIL Literary Meet.

Huntsville Police still are not releasing much information as to how K’Lynn was murdered or anything on suspects.

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