huntsville killer back in huntsville jail cell

The man accused of murdering a Huntsville teen is back in a Texas jail after being on the run for almost a week

27-year-old Jerwoody Moler is charged with the murder of 17-year-old K’Lynn Kohr.

A Texas Ranger and Huntsville Police Officer escorted Moler back from Iowa where he was arrested Friday.

"He has been charged with first degree murder and unlawful use of a motor vehicle, not a whole lot of comment other on that for the fact that it’s still an open investigation," said Steve Jeter, a Texas Ranger with Company "A."

17-year-old K’Lynn Kohr was found dead in her Huntsville mobile home on Labor Day.

Texas Ranger Steve Jeter says a motive has not been released.

"He has been charged with first degree murder and unlawful use of a motor vehicle, not a whole lot of comment other on that for the fact that it’s still an open investigation," Jeter said.

Moler was released from the Ferguson Unit in Midway in June. His rap sheet includes four felony convictions.

In 2002 he was convicted on a burglary charge.
In 2005 he was sentenced to four years in prison for an assault on a public servant and was also convicted on a felony escape charge in Gray County.
His most recent conviction was in 2007 for theft.

Moler had been working at a supply distribution company in Huntsville where his employer said he’d been let go and then came back to work.

He’d also been staying at a Christian-based recovery center near New Waverly but voluntarily left there earlier this summer.

His employer’s Ford Explorer was stolen last week and investigators were able to track Moler to a Pawn Shop in Dallas and then they tracked his cell phone to Iowa.

An Iowa State Highway Patrolman spotted Moler driving on the interstate and arrested him.

"My hats off to the Iowa State Patrol, reached out to them and within an hour and a half of us reaching out to them they located and stopped Moler. They really did us a good job," Jeter said.

Moler was quiet as he was led into the Walker County Jail and didn’t respond to questions.

Investigators wouldn’t comment on what he said during the drive down from Iowa.

"No problems, cooperated, and he just wants to make amends," Jeter said.

Moler will be appear before a judge Thursday morning.

The man accused of stabbing a Huntsville teen to death over the Labor Day weekend is back in a Walker County jail cell.

Jerwoody Moler was arrested in Iowa Friday without incident, after an extensive search and Wednesday morning around 4:30, the trip back to Texas began.

Just three months after Moler was paroled from prison, police discovered the body of 17-year-old, K’Lynn Kohr inside a mobile home in Huntsville. Police say Moler had also stolen his employer’s company car and had pawned stolen items at a pawn shop in Dallas.

Moler arrived just before five o’clock Wednesday. As he got out of the vehicle, he was silent and walked with his head low as he entered the Walker County Jail.

A Texas Ranger along with a member of the Huntsville Police Department traveled to Des Moines, Iowa to bring Moler back to Texas.

Moler is charged with first degree murder of K’lynn Kohr, whose body was found on Labor Day inside her Huntsville mobile home.

It is still unknown what the connection was between Moler and K’Lynn Kohr or why she was killed.

Moler’s lengthy criminal history has some wondering how he was even eligible for parole and who made the decision to release him. Two people with the Texas Pardons and Parole Board in Huntsville made the decision. TDCJ officials say Commissioners, Tony Garcia and Billy Humphrey are the ones who voted to release Moler. A third commissioner did not vote, since majority rules. In making their decision, Garcia and Humphrey took into consideration factors such as Moler’s age, criminal history, prior incarcerations, whether any education or training classes were completed while in prison and what his conduct was like while in prison.

Moler was an inmate at the Ferguson Unit in Midway and was released in June. While in prison, he was classified as a minimum security inmate.

Thursday morning, Jerwoody Moler will appear before a judge in Huntsville.

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    Thank Heaven maybe this time they wont make the mistake of releaseing him! I would think that her family would have grounds for a lawsuit! She was such a great girl and deserved so much more than this!

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