Huntsville prisoners protest lockdown by going on hunger strike, officials say

A number of prisoners at the Wynne Unit are on a hunger strike to protest a prison lockdown, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Authorities say the lockdown is a result of a large number of incidents, including feces-throwing, threats to officers, and some prisoners causing disturbances.

Officials say some prisoners have refused to eat nine consecutive meals or more while on strike, and are protesting the lockdown of their housing area for disciplinary reasons.

TDCJ says participating prisoners are being checked on daily by medical professionals, and none of them are showing signs or symptoms requiring medical attention.

In cases like this, offenders often have commissary items in their cells that they have collected over time.

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  1. michelle227

    Knowing the Wynne Unit, this sounds like Security Detention idiocy. I have little sympathy for the chunkers. Even when the assaulted officers are real a-holes, nobody deserves to be thrown on. And for a unit to move to lockdown procedures, it says matters were getting out of hand and was not just an isolated instance of conduct. If an inmate wants to ‘call attention’ to their acts of rules violations by not eating, then more power to them.

    My question is why they have ANY commissary in their cell though. Disciplinary hearings should already have been run with the Hearing Officer imposing a loss of property privileges as one of the sanctions and with the Unit Classification Committee ALSO having run a hearing to place them as Level 3, which further restricts what can be kept in a cell.

    Sadly, most of those sorts of sanctions do little to punish though since the inmate often has nobody sending money or visiting. Many of them doing that sort of thing often came in with a short sentence and stay far longer as new felony sentences get added (and are stacked). I remember one at Wynne in the mid-80’s that came in with a seven year non-aggravated sentence and was well over 200 years with the escape history. Sometimes you really cannot fix stupid…

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