August 10, 2022 6:02 am

Posted: 14.11.2014 10:40


Construction continues on the SH 242 flyover through the weekend. Northbound mainlanes will close tonight at 11pm. They are giving an additional hour for people to leave the football game.

It will be closed until 5am Saturday.

Then Saturday night at 10pm it will close again –northbound only until 5am Sunday and once again Sunday night from 10pm to 5am on Monday.

This is northbound only and traffic will be diverted to the feeder.

Police will be on the scene and will be manually controlling the traffic lights.

NOTE: Run a light you will be cited. Last night one vehicle east on SH 242 decided the light was taking to long to change and ran it. He almost hit a southbound vehicle on the feeder. At times expect delays on the lights as northbound freeway traffic moves through the intersection.

It is safer for the officers to control the lights then standing in the intersection as a target for drunk drivers and drivers texting.