Houston, TX, September 11, 2017 — Mayor Sylvester Turner today accepted a $5 million donation for flood relief from Southern California businessman Kieu Hoang, an immigrant billionaire from Vietnam whose first job in the U.S paid him $1.25 per hour. The money goes to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund founded by the mayor and county judge, and administered by the Greater Houston Community Fund, to directly aid local victims of the Hurricane Harvey flood.

“Mr. Hoang’s stunning generosity to a community far from his home is a beautiful demonstration of the American spirit that inspires us to reach across the miles to help our fellow citizens,” Mayor Turner said. “The fact that he started his new life in America at a basic level, and rose to prominence in the business world, is also a lesson for Houston as we bounce back from adversity.”

“Houston is the most diverse city in the nation, partly because of its influential Vietnamese-American community,” the mayor added. “We’d love it if Mr. Hoang were to relocate to Houston even though he would have to commute to the Northern California wine vineyards he owns!”

Hoang added, “I am here to thank the American people who allowed me to come to this country as a refugee in early 1975 at the age of 31. I am here to pay back, contribute and show my gratitude to this great country.”

His donation was accepted by the mayor at a news conference today in 500 block of Hallie Drive, one of many streets where west Houston homes were damaged.

To donate to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund or to see updated information on community resources, visit

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  1. justalocal

    Judge Emmett runs the show in Houston and has been for a long time. Turner is doing what he’s told. He doesn’t run anything. He’s an Emmett puppet. He will divide it up between him and his friends as usual and the people needing it won’t see it.

    And what a kind and generous gift from a Californian. I remember all the things our wonderful Governor said about California. But we’ll take that money won’t we?

  2. TG

    I saw this story on the news last night and Mr. Hoang said he wanted the money to go directly to the flood victims. Mr. Hoang, giving the money to any charity Sylvester Turner and his henchmen are involved with is a mistake because you know they’ll need to take their cut for shipping and handling. Turner will probably take a cut for the city itself for the city’s duty of storm cleanup and claiming that’s directly helping the storm victims.

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