Infant Shot with BB Gun

On Thursday, September 17, 2018, the Cleveland Police Department was called to “Texas Rural Hospital” located at 300 E. Houston Street in regards to a 7-month-old child having been shot with a BB gun.

Upon arrival, Officer Maria Rodriguez discovered that a 7-month-old child was with the child’s parents who lived at 1301 Nevell Street (Pine Ridge Apartments) when the child received injuries to the head.  The child had been shot in the forehead and the top of the head with BB pellets.

During the questioning of the parents separately, Officer Rodriguez discovered the parents had different versions of events of what transpired.  The Cleveland Police Department Detective Division was notified to assist Officer Rodriguez with the investigation.

While conducting the investigation, it was found that probable cause existed to believe the father was responsible for the injury to the child.

The father who is identified as Zackaria James Knox, age 21 of Cleveland was arrested for “Injury to a Child w/ Serious Bodily Injury” (2nd Degree Felony).

A $25,000 bond was assessed by Municipal Judge Bob Steely.


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